Thursday, April 30, 2009

Corn chips

As's a couple Spring pictures to warm your heart. If you guessed a chipmunk, you were right. But I happened to have a cute baby bunny shot so I threw that one in as well. These were both taken in our backyard. Since Squirrels are so plentiful back there I could have posted all three. Maybe next time.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sidney the Unstoppable Squirrel

This is my favorite illustration from my story, Sidney the Unstoppable Squirrel. In this image Sidney is shocked to discover that the gray rabbit has eaten the secret map. So without the map will Sidney and Carmen the chipmunk ever find the magic corn seeds? You'll never know because it's not a published story! has a happy ending. I'm posting this image today because I have a really cute photo to go along with this story on Thursday. Can you guess if my photo is of a Red Squirrel, Chipmunk, Rabbit or maybe even a Red fox? You'll have to wait and see. I bet you're all on pins and needles right?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hana and Acua

What else would I post today...right? Look at these sweet faces. Faces so adorable that they couldn't possibly be naughty. The reason these beauties were turned into the Humane Society was stated as " Not enough time" We snatched them up and have been doing time ever since! The other night we were watching T.V. We could hear Acua trying to break into the T.P. container. Yes, I said container. Because any T.P., kleenex or papertowel not securely locked away will be destroyed. One morning before the lockdown (what conveinent paper usage times those were) I woke up to discover the bathtub filled with T.P. confetti. And there's been a trail of terror ever since. But getting back to the other night. About 60 seconds after Acua's unsuccessful T.P. break in we heard the Medicine cabinet above the sink slowly creak open. Then about 30 seconds after that the bottles started falling into the sink. And Acua (alias chewy) is the good one! Hana (alias froggie and little aquatic) is an untrainable terror. She has no fear, so all known cat training attempts are in vain. Chewing on hair...Yum! Kitchen counters...her playground. Snatching food out of a hot oven. Her expertise. But in the end her cuddles...priceless!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bedroom Buddies

Bedroom buddies is a fun illustration that I finished last week. Toliet buddies is still in the works! This illustration was inspired by life with my cats. Although I only have two. (It feels like at least five) Do you recognize Baby on the bed? She's the icon on my blog. And yes that's my bedroom. Hopefully that's not too much information! I also posted my fuzzy Hope card submission again. Look for it on the website. It's on the Hope card!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cows in Costa Rica

I feel like today's post might not be of alot of interest to whom ever might be reading this. But I'm determined to keep going with my themes as much as possible. And an Orange Cow is a difficult subject! Although if I was posting another illustration I do have a Purple Cow one. So in order to add some interest to the photos I'll tell you a little bit about them. I happen to love the photo of the Cows and the billboard. I have no idea why really. I took it on our drive between the Orosi Valley and Puerto Veijo de Sarapiqui. But the other photo has a little more of an interesting story. This year we just about had the drivers side mirror taken off by one of these herding trains. We were driving to hike at Cabo Blanco Nature preserve and a whole herd came barrelling towards us on the road. Just a typical days drive in Costa Rica! But this particular photo was taken on a drive from the Rincon Volcano last year. We endured one of the most horrible roads, only to discover that the National park was closed on Mondays! So we never did see the volcano, but we did get caught behind one of these Cowboy herding drives. And I do like my Cows. (or bulls I suppose)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Along for a ride

I'm posting Along for a ride today because it's up for sale on (sharonwagner) But don't all rush there at once! Is there anyone out there that likes Orange Cows? Maybe. Who knows! I posted three paintings and would have posted more, but to make an irritating story short. I was having some difficulty with the posting process. So if there are any goofy Alpaca lovers or Purple Cat people...hold on your painting may turn up soon. It just occured to me that I'm painting Cow horns again. But if you remember my post from last week (or want to take a quick scroll down) This painting couldn't be more different, huh?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Green Passageway

I always have fun finding a connection between my art and my photos. Has anyone noticed? I was posting a few pictures for my new Facebook page and came across these two. I took these in the town of Downsville, WI last Summer. A little detour off the Red Cedar bike trail. Anything rusty, worn, and old of course catches my eye. And, well it occured to me that this was like a green passageway instead of a blue one. Maybe it's a stretch... but I love these pictures anyway.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Blue Passageway

This is another painting from my Cow skull series. Another unsold but great edition to the basement series. The little white orbs are not ghosts or little UFO's. (or rabbit poo) That's kind of an inside joke that some of my blog lookers will understand! It's just lights and the flash. I guess I don't have to worry about illegal downloading, right? But all jokes aside, this is one of my favorite paintings. Now that I'm posting and talking about these pieces it makes me want to paint some more. I might have to do something about that.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Without a Barn Cat

This is a farm cat or a without a barn cat. Why? Because there is no barn on this particular farm. I took several pictures of this cat and he never changed his rather annoyed expression. I guess life for an outdoor cat isn't all squeak mice and fancy feast. And having your alone time ruined by picture takers, well thank goodness that doesn't happen every day.