Monday, September 19, 2016

The Glades

This peaceful walk interrupted my on-going Panama posts. It weaved its way in. We always stop at this path south of Naples, Florida to bird watch. It's right before you turn off for Fackahatchee Swamp. And you'll see a lot more birds and serene Florida beauty. Especially if you are an early bird. Literally. And if the morning is misty, there's photo magic....

I just love these sparkling webs! Nature's diamonds fluttering against the patchwork swamp.

There's a platform for great viewing. And we're almost always by ourselves. A bonus.

Even the spiders weren't at home!

Did you know that reading can lengthen your life?

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Casco Viejo Street Art

There was life on the streets of Panama City.  And lots of wonderful, gritty art. 

I actually know a guy who looks like this!

This mural was photographed beside an ongoing photo shoot. I think they were filming a commercial. We were trapped inside the action! A real life on the streets moment.

I wonder who sits in those lonely chairs? I love that long tail.

Great cone beautification!

Do you see the man on the lower right?

Dragon's fire! I loved this one.

Technically, this one was inside a restaurant. I loved it. 

You can really feel the humanity of the people through their street art. Casco Viejo, the old town, was a crumbling wonderland. Half of it was joyously renewed. A painted and polished come back story. But I liked the unpolished side. The other half of Casco Viejo was still slowly dissolving into the past. It was a photographic playground. 

I'd love to be wandering still...

Have you ever heard of human wrangling? 

I tried it. Over at The Chorus of the Crows

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Flying Rats

A lowly mother pigeon.

Who me? A rat? Some kids get no respect.

We wandered the streets of Casco Viejo in Panama City last January. Casco Viejo was a photographic wonderland of crumbling structures. And these pigeons took advantage of a whopper of a hole. My husband calls them rats with wings. Not me. I love all birds. 

And cats...

Facebook took a survey about cats and dogs. The furry results are revealed, and debated, over at The Chorus of the Crows this week.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Playa Corona Sunset

The sun has set on our time in Playa Corona, Panama...

The Bridge of the Americas Coors can!

Undulating sand patterns

Silhouette magic...

Everyone loves a good beach bonfire. But we weren't invited.

And I love a good moon. It's my muse. The amazing stars of Playa Corona not included.

Next week, Sharon's Souvenirs is heading to the big and bright lights of Panama City...

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Cattle Wrangling

Something pretty amazing happened on this beautiful beach in Playa Corona, Panama.

There's cows in them... there...beaches.

This is one of the coolest things I've ever witnessed in Central America. Sure, we've been on some back roads during a cattle drive. An errant cow almost took off our driver's side window once. But seeing it on the beach, is priceless. 

I was just stepping out of the shower when my husband called me out onto the balcony at Casa Caracol. I put on the first thing I could find, a bottom, and ran out cupping my boobs. But when I saw the cleaning lady, also taking photos, I ran back in to put more clothes on. Ha! Then I snapped as many photos as I could. 

Only in Central America.

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