Monday, July 17, 2017


A few weeks ago, I posted about the remote beach in Nicaragua where they filmed the T.V. show Survivor. Click on Playa Hermosa for the sandy details. But that's not the only great beach near San Juan del Sur that's worth spending 39 sweaty days eating rice and playing games. If you like chocolate and great beaches, be sure to visit Play El Coco too! O.K., it's not spelled cocoa, but who cares when both chocolate and beaches are equally nice.

One end...

The other end.


If you look out into the water, you can see the smokey cerulean hills of Costa Rica. But I wouldn't recommend taking this boat. 

Do these beached boats ever skim the seas? Probably. The tides in Central America can be pretty prolific. 

Can you believe that as deserted as this beach looks, we were still able to buy a handful of cold Tonas? That's the magic of beaches in Nicaragua, you might see more cows and horses than people, but still be able to buy beer.

Do you see how lonely and deserted it is? That's just the way we like it. 

For the ultimate cows and Panama cowboys on the beach post...visit Corona

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Street Scenes from Leon, Nicaragua. Part I

The Cathedral of Leon. Did you see my Grecian rooftop post?  Visit Our Lady of Grace for a post with a view. 

I had so much fun on my gritty Leon photo safaris, that I had to split up my souvenirs into 3 posts. There is so much saturated color, delicious decay and overall peculiarity in Central America, that you will never run out of photo opportunities. Most people come to Leon to surf a volcano, but if you can brave the steamy streets, there is so much more...

Street kitten.

Fried chicken.

I don't take a lot of people shots, but I'm glad I captured this guy and his homemade broom. He was sweeping one of the many town squares. 

A towering lady in red. 

El Bodegon was our favorite restaurant. (not a tobacco shop) But that being said, we did roll our own cigars at one point during the trip. More on that later. 

A red hot ride!

A street party leftover. 

These eyes seemed to follow us everywhere, since we were always walking down this street.  

Be sure to pop back soon for part 2 and 3! 

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Seashells along the Seashore.

My favorite childhood adventure was picking up seashells along the seashore of Lover's Key State Park. I remember my dad firing up the R.V. before sunrise and heading a wee bit south of Fort Myers beach to the official Florida shelling headquarters. (and you thought it was Sanibel) Once parked, we would sneak by the feral cats sleeping at the ranger station and head down the board walk, just as the sun was escaping the horizon. Often times, given that the park didn't open for 2 whole hours, we'd be the first ones there. But not always. That's because around the causeway there sat a towering white high-rise full of blue haired shell enthusiasts. It was the only other sign of life on the key in the 1980's. Well, flash forward to 2016 and look at me, staying in that same towering white building around the corner. Take that early birds! 

Unfortunately, after they dredged the coast and widened the beach at Lover's Key, the shelling was never the same. I stopped picking up shells years ago. But admiring them is a different story. Get a load of these beauties...

A horse shoe crab with a few guests.

This shell was so big, that it had another large, 3-4 inch whelk attached to it. And look how small it looks!

A tulip shell.

Wow! That one was happy to see me. 

That's Fort Myers beach in the distance. All of the above shells were alive last time I checked. And let's keep it that way. Remember to only collect the empty ones if you are out and about, doing the great American past time of shell collecting.

Happy Independence Day!

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Days of Rum and Sunsets

The title of this post is the perfect description for each and every day of our trips in Central America. 

In Costa Rica try Centenario rum. Yum. 

In Panama drink Ron Abuelo rum. As my husband likes to say, "Not too Chablis."

In Belize try the singular One Barrel rum.  But Five Barrel is even better.

In Guatemala drink...I'll let you know next year!

But in Nicaragua, enjoy the best of the best. Flor de Cana rum. 

We toured the distillery last January near the city of Leon. The tour was kind of a dog and pony show. Even so, we got to sip rum aged for 18 years. This would be pretty darn exciting, if we didn't have the same delicious aged rum lurking in our liquor cabinet right now. We also have 12 year. If we keep our bottles around long enough, we won't have to splurge for their creme de la creme...25 year rum.  We've been enjoying Flor de Cana rum since we randomly picked up a bottle of number 4 in Costa Rica. Ten happy years ago.

Flor de Cana and coke light with a view.  Our vacation trick is to freeze ice in the bottom of a glass. You know you aren't drinking fast enough if the ice seal pops up before you are done. Smile.

A groove-billed Ani. (watching them on the roof tops is a serious happy hour activity)

But sunset is the real feature. The big show.

Ma Petite.

And Puff.  Our vacation cats. 

These days of rum and sunsets were enjoyed at Palermo in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. 

Heaven on earth as the Jesus statue will testify.

Be sure to pop over this week to see my illustrated, Cover of the Crows.  A contender for my future book cover! Where else other than Chorus of the Crows

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