Monday, February 11, 2019

Conjunto Monumental de San Francisco El Grande

We only had two days to visit four amazing structures in Antigua, Guatemala last January. The ruins of Antigua are a photographer's dream - full of crumbling crannies, sepia color and texture, soaring scale, and rich history. My first two posts visited Capuchinas Convent and Casa Santo Domingo. This is the 3rd structure we toured. Follow our footsteps... 

I love the delicate filigree. 


Heavenly light.


In this photo, it's what lies beneath and behind that is so intriguing. Antigua is a city built at the feet of volcanoes. 

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Monday, February 4, 2019

The Landscape of Mushrooms

First, we passed Newspaper Rock: a dizzying slab of desert varnish, filled to the brim with 2,000 year old Petroglyphs. Then we arrived at a surreal jungle of mushroom rock. Surely, Mother Nature loves Utah. You'll find this landscape in the remote, Southeast corner of Canyonlands National Park. It's called Needles. But, it sure looks like mushrooms to me. 

Follow our footsteps...

The good old days...




The end. 

But, I still have more photos from Utah to share. A few highlights from Moab, culminating in a colorful visit to Capitol Reef. 

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Costa Rica: Cuatro

Tickled pink on Dominical beach.

Golden-hooded Tanager.

Dos nuts.

Fire escape at Rio Lindo - a pizza place we've been frequenting for years.

Dominical beach duo. 

Twin palms on Whale's Tail.

Dominicalito sunset. 

Now, the sun really has set on our trip.

Cuatro highlights in Dominical:

1) Phat Noodle takeout. Nuff said.

2) Beach combing for the perfect, marbleized rock at Hacienda Baru.

3) Dark skies. Stars like God made them. 

4) Watching a lightning storm over the ocean. 

We're home with a camera harvest over-flowing with memories. Be sure to check back for the rest of the story: sky watching in the Osa Peninsula, waiting for the sassy squawk of the big reds - Scarlet Macaws; touristy time in Jaco and more laid back, beautiful beach time in Playa Flamingo.  

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Costa Rica: Tres

We found some coin on Whale's Tail Beach... 

...and bought pipas frias on Ventenas Beach.

Little big rigs on Dominical Beach

Big beaked bird beauty shot. 

We learned a lot about toucans, staying in the hills over Dominical: they like to fly down hill because of their gigantic snouts; they sit on a branch and scan their domain, slowly, almost like an owl; they make an echoing, melancholy cry. You hear it everywhere. 

Pacific Edges.

Heavenly view.

Fire on Dominical beach! But no need for rescue.

We haven't set sail yet...

Uno, dos, tres highlights in Dominical: 

1) Recognizing the sad mewl of a wild toucan and listening to the undulating chorus of cicadas. 

 2) Eating my favorite pizza and sipping stiff drinks at Jolly Rodger. A lofty, open air bar in the hills over Dominical. Watch out when you leave your seat, a local cat might steal your place. 

3) Meeting a Praying Leaf Mantis in the middle of the night.  

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Costa Rica: Dos

Dominicalito Beach

New friends.

This was our entry way. Every time we entered the portal, we received a swooping, winged surprise. 

Ventenas Beach Caves. Feel the joy!

But, only at low tide.

A nocturnal run-in with a Praying Leaf Mantis! (that's our sheets by the way) He was the size of a human hand. When he turned his head to look at you, well, you wondered if he was contemplating how best to scale you with his sticky paws. Still, I was glad I decided to look at the stars - in flew a green surprise! They are common bugs in Costa Rica, but they are very hard to detect in nature as they look just like leaves when fanned out. 

Wide and wonderful, Whale's Tail Beach.

Sunset over Dominicalito Playa.

However, the sun hasn't set on our adventures in Paradise. 

Pura vida.

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