Monday, April 22, 2019

Turkeys to the Max!

While most families were preparing for Easter Sunday Service and thinking about Ham dinners, we were watching turkeys. 
We almost always see turkeys in Wisconsin, but at T.J. Maxx? Weird.

 Suddenly, we were surrounded by seventeen turkeys: two females and fifteen Toms. Gulp. 

They did a little shopping at Wal-Mart and proceeded to the nearest T.J. Maxx to complete their Easter errands. Needless to say, we had a heck of a fun time watching them strut their stuff. 

The colors! Neither of us had ever seen so many fanned out Toms in one place. Of course, before Thanksgiving, you might find more turkeys at the store... in the freezer section. 

Do these feathers make my butt look big? 

Yes. That's the point. 

We heard plenty of gobbles, but we also heard something else: the Toms' dragging and scraping their feathers on the ground.  

He's no butter-ball. He's more of a fluff-ball.

I'm a fan!

Happy Earth Day!
Reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse. Seriously.  

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Florida Trails: 2019

I couldn't believe our luck: watching a family of river otters sneak up behind an unsuspecting couple at Rookery Swamp. I was watching through my binoculars, so I can verify that the two women never saw the otters at all - they never turned around. (my husband snapped the photo above) Which, in these gator filled parts, could be ill-advised! I may be overly cautious, but whenever I stop on the trail to take a photo, I always look around to make sure an alligator isn't right behind me. You laugh? Well, you haven't seen the big-dogs I have, only a few, short bites away. 

Eventually, we passed the family, as they frolicked in and out of the water. They were so cute! We were giving them some space, as the mother was waiting for a stray cub. (I was zoomed in)

A regal eagle and a juvenile at Fakahatchee Strand.

The swamp has eyes...

A sleeping Night Heron.

A cuddly teddy bear/wildcat. Wait a minute... 

I found the bear on the ground at Crew Trails. So, of course I stuffed him into my sack and took a few photos along the trail. Do you see him in the lower right? Eventually, I left him where I was sure that a kid would find him. 

When we exited, low and behold, we spotted the owner of the bear. (or bears, because I left mine inside)  Do you see it on the dash?

A parting shot from Rookery Swamp. We really had a great time enjoying nature this year. 

The end!

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Costa Rica: Siete

Time was bittersweet in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica this year. Lodging is over-priced with few, enticing options. Plus, two out of three times at Iguana Lodge in Puerto Jimenez, I was struck by a raging stomach virus. I suspect it was unpasteurized ice cream. Sigh. It sure tasted good.

But, the thought of never returning to this neck-of-the-woods, where Scarlet Macaws rule the skies, and animals out-number people, makes me sad. I love it - and I’ll always love Iguana 🦎 Lodge! 

Follow our footsteps in Osa...

Beach bonfire preparations. Iguana Lodge has a fun, beach party every week. But, I wish they wouldn't wait until dark to serve the food. It's like eating in a black hole. 


Next time, instead of driving by Jaco with our tourist radar on high, we stop and stay!

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Doubly Delicate

Moab, Utah spreads full circle today. (or at least by half) This was our last hurrah: the massive, 148 foot span of Double Arch and a final peek at awe-inspiring Delicate Arch. But, the trip wasn't over, we still had a pastel colored, lunar-like drive to Capital Reef. 

Double Arch is easy to see - no hike required. It was formed by water erosion. (duh, right?) But this is a pothole arch. That makes it more unique than other arches, since most are formed by sideways erosion. See, I do have new information! 

Follow our red-rock tracks...

I didn't leave with an iconic photo of Delicate Arch. (or, as some old timers call it: School Marm's Pants) Even so, if I counted photos like feathers, I could have stuffed a pillowcase. 

Follow me to the reef!

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Wynwood Walls

I love Naples, Florida. But it's a savory, unsalted chicken broth of a town. Miami, on the other hand, is a spicy gumbo full of andouille sausage, okra and the holy trinity. 

The first thing we did after traversing old 41 through the glades, en route to Miami, was visit Wynwood Walls. I swear we were the oldest people there. In fact, all of the college students flooding the murals and art galleries were practicing the new rude world order: walking while watching their screens, expecting every old fart to vacate the sidewalk lest be mowed down amidst of flurry of gray hairs. 

Still, miraculously, I managed to snap some photos with my phone, with nary a rude youngster in site. (I was quick)  

Follow our old-fartish footsteps...

Scary sponge-bob was my favorite!

A 60,000 dollar Cowgirl.

Wow! If Wynwood Walls was a soup it would be Borscht - exploding with color. The artists of Miami have been busy. In fact, they've been busy all over town. It's tasty.

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