Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sock Kitten Cam Part Two

I figured this was a good post to follow yesterday's Kitty Mug Shot illustration!

Hopefully viewing another sock kitten post won't leave you catatonic.  I figured that some of you might have missed my last post.  And we had extra footage.  So here goes.  

What are sock kittens you ask?  They are the gifts that my cat Hana leaves for us when we leave the house. If one of us is still present then no socks.  But she will cry pitifully for the departed loved one.

  We set up a cat cam and captured the whole process on film.  Those familiar legs above are us leaving the house at exactly 7:11 pm...

And at exactly 7:12 pm Hana is already leaving us a sock!  She doesn't waste any time.  This is so cute.


Something is apparently off.  It needs adjusting.

It might be O.K. now.

Maybe just a little more fluffing.

Deep thoughts...

Hana is thinking, "Stay there sock.  Don't move"

Surprise!  You're on Candid Camera.

At 7:46 it is still there.  But where is Mom and Dad?

We always know she misses us when we find the sock kitten by the front door.  Priceless.

Friday, October 17, 2014


It's been a long time since I've posted my kitty mug shot.  Although, it is no stranger to my side bar.  It still beckons folks to Sharon's Paws Create from my other outlets.  Sharon's Studio and my newest blog, My 3rd Eye

 The top version is the original from the Bad Cat Police Department.  No cat with their whiskers on straight wants to end up there.  At my house jail means an upside down laundry basket.  That's kitty jail in these parts.

 I retrofitted the 2nd sidebar illustration with my blog title.

I still love how cross the incarcerated kitty looks!

Trouble is the theme over at this week.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Holy Grail of Road Trips

I love how this post starts with orange pumpkins and ends with an orange sunset.  But what else would you expect on an absolutely outstanding fall day. Sunny, 80 degrees and lots of fall fun.  There were pumpkins and apples at this orchard. 

And what an abundance of riches.  Right next door at Carpenter Nature Center in Prescott they were doing a raptor release. We saw hawks, owls, kestrals and eagles up close and personal.  I love this beauty shot.

We always hike Maiden Rock bluff in the fall.  And we always see eagles soaring overhead.

Can you spot the train?

The vista in the other direction.

But it wasn't just sweeping views that enchanted.  Shrooms!

And colorfully spotted walnuts.

And pompous fronds blowing in the breeze.

We had pizza at my favorite place.  The Nelson Stone Barn.  But you already know that.

Dramatic clouds illuminated the night.

Fall colors sprouted in the hills.  Not many restaurants have this country view.

We made a surreal pit stop at a sand pit.

But now we had to quicky make tracks...

To enjoy a spectacular sunset before we drove home.

What a day.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


We stopped by our property on this dead end road this summer.  Something prompted me to take this photo.  The corn was more than knee high and the yellow wild flowers were so pretty against the leaning sign.  It prompted a yellow scavenger hunt the rest of the weekend.  It wasn't very hard. 

A sign of winter times.

Through the yellow door.

This goes here.

The curb leads the eye to the yellow prize.

Muted yellow

Soft yellow

Yellow and a little critter.  A snail peaking out.

Vibrant yellow.

Happy yellow.

Neon yellow.  Do you recognize this sun?

 A blaze of haze hides the sun.  Yellow on fire.

The super moon glowed.  Cool yellow.  A high wire act extravaganza!

Friday, October 3, 2014

It's not just the hills that have eyes...

Shhhhhhh.  I'm reading.

Silence is the theme at

This pick is timely since I created it for the MNSCBWI fall conference several years ago.  And their annual fall event is just a week away.  I won the illustrator mentorship award that year.  And now my friend and former men tee Nina Crittenden is the current mentor. She illustrated Cedric and the Dragon (the inspiration for the book above) and now is working with a major publisher.  Someone will be very lucky!  

I've come a long way as well since those early days. In frequent flier miles.  Ha!  

But I have illustrated two books since then.  And many moons...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

San Juan Del Sur

Welcome to San Juan Del Sur.  The official location of this season's reality T.V. show Survivor.  The island of Ometepe was another previous Survivor location.  And we were just there as well!   Plus we drove right by the location of the season in Guatemala.  That makes us feel like real adventurers.  But thank goodness we were able to dine on the best that Nicaragua had to offer.  Instead of rice and boiled water.  San Juan Del Sur is a tourist town. So where are they dropping off the new crew of survivalists?  Well, I don't know.  But there is plenty of wilderness near by.  So what does San Juan Del Sur have to offer?

A great beach!  I love soft and firm sand for walking.  And a little warm Sun and wave action doesn't hurt either.

Ouch!  I love this photo.



Bridging the gap.

Be sure to walk all the way to the end.

And take time to enjoy the view.

P.S.  I've created a new photo blog.  A place where I can sell photos and photo cards.  Click here to check it out.  And if you like it, please help me spread the word!  It's called My 3rd Eye. That's what my camera is to me. 

To see my ode to the toucan and Dominical, Costa Rica scroll down...

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dreams Do Come True

I wish I was here.

There's really nothing else to say about this week's theme wish.

But dreams do come true.  We're going there again in 2015.  Here's what I wrote a few years ago curled up in bed listening to the howler monkeys outside our cabana. It was probably around 4 am. I'm usually so excited to start the day it's hard to sleep.

The mist slowly thickened in the hills over the top of Dominical. A bolt of lightning flashed on the horizon.  And a blast of thunder hushed the chorus of cicadas.  Soon the vibrant green rainbow of forest completely vanished behind the clouds. The first rain drop fell on the leaf of the trumpet tree and bounced onto the large beak of a chestnut mandibled toucan.  The sparsely decorated branches of the tree were no match for a jungle rain storm. The toucan looked toward the ocean and quietly flew out of sight. 

To see photos of Costa Rica, birds, flowers and more... click here!  I've created a new photography blog called My 3rd Eye.  That's what my camera is to me.