Monday, April 13, 2009

Along for a ride

I'm posting Along for a ride today because it's up for sale on (sharonwagner) But don't all rush there at once! Is there anyone out there that likes Orange Cows? Maybe. Who knows! I posted three paintings and would have posted more, but to make an irritating story short. I was having some difficulty with the posting process. So if there are any goofy Alpaca lovers or Purple Cat people...hold on your painting may turn up soon. It just occured to me that I'm painting Cow horns again. But if you remember my post from last week (or want to take a quick scroll down) This painting couldn't be more different, huh?


Nina Crittenden said...

I have never met an orange cow, but I sure like this one! I didn't know you had a shop on Etsy- I'll have to take a peek!

Margaret Pangert said...

how did you manage to make her so feminine?! Pretty! and orange for femininity, creativity...great, sharon, margaret