Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cows in Costa Rica

I feel like today's post might not be of alot of interest to whom ever might be reading this. But I'm determined to keep going with my themes as much as possible. And an Orange Cow is a difficult subject! Although if I was posting another illustration I do have a Purple Cow one. So in order to add some interest to the photos I'll tell you a little bit about them. I happen to love the photo of the Cows and the billboard. I have no idea why really. I took it on our drive between the Orosi Valley and Puerto Veijo de Sarapiqui. But the other photo has a little more of an interesting story. This year we just about had the drivers side mirror taken off by one of these herding trains. We were driving to hike at Cabo Blanco Nature preserve and a whole herd came barrelling towards us on the road. Just a typical days drive in Costa Rica! But this particular photo was taken on a drive from the Rincon Volcano last year. We endured one of the most horrible roads, only to discover that the National park was closed on Mondays! So we never did see the volcano, but we did get caught behind one of these Cowboy herding drives. And I do like my Cows. (or bulls I suppose)


Margaret Pangert said...

Sharon, your commentary is really humorous! I can't wait to get to the purple cow part of the theme! These pix are great! and you were right on the heels of those herders! You could have charged for the help!
btw, a mandala is basically a healing circle: see for more insight.
Everyone I know who visits Costa Rica just falls in love with it. And you've made it personal. Bon voyage! Margaret

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog Sharon. I do like the billboard picture too. I really want to see the purple cow. Loved the orange cow. You do such interesting work. Congrats again on the Hope Card. Didn't we tell you Monday night it would get picked? Delightful picture, full of love and friendship!

barb bjornson said...

FYI - anonymous is me Barb, I couldn't get my comment to go through.

Anonymous said...

I like the photos, and have always liked cows. State Fair cows are my favorites, not as wild as the rest.