Thursday, April 9, 2009

Green Passageway

I always have fun finding a connection between my art and my photos. Has anyone noticed? I was posting a few pictures for my new Facebook page and came across these two. I took these in the town of Downsville, WI last Summer. A little detour off the Red Cedar bike trail. Anything rusty, worn, and old of course catches my eye. And, well it occured to me that this was like a green passageway instead of a blue one. Maybe it's a stretch... but I love these pictures anyway.


Margaret Pangert said...

it's teal, the color of healing. Perfect for a transition, a passageway. Come visit my Mary Magdalene collages! Thanks! Margaret

Margaret Pangert said...

thanks for visiting my blog, sharon, and the comment about color, a sense we both share. Best, Margaret