Monday, April 27, 2009

Sidney the Unstoppable Squirrel

This is my favorite illustration from my story, Sidney the Unstoppable Squirrel. In this image Sidney is shocked to discover that the gray rabbit has eaten the secret map. So without the map will Sidney and Carmen the chipmunk ever find the magic corn seeds? You'll never know because it's not a published story! has a happy ending. I'm posting this image today because I have a really cute photo to go along with this story on Thursday. Can you guess if my photo is of a Red Squirrel, Chipmunk, Rabbit or maybe even a Red fox? You'll have to wait and see. I bet you're all on pins and needles right?


Margaret Pangert said...

oh, now I do see the red fox slinking away! but i'm guessing we see real-life Sidney and Carmen eating the pay-dirt (and of course saving some for magic planting purposes). Too cute! So creative! There seems to be a squirrel's nest in that tree . . . Hmmm. Can't wait 'til Thursday! Margaret

Nina Crittenden said...

I love the Sidney series!

barb bjornson said...

Sharon, I love your animals! The rabbits expression is delightful! It makes you want to read the whole book. Have you sent this off to publishers?
Syle, color, composition all great!