Monday, July 16, 2018

The Royal Ruins of Tikal: Day One

The Temple of the Grand Jaguar, (shown above) replicates the nine levels of the Underworld. The skeletal remains of the Lord of Chocolate were discovered inside the temple, surrounded by Jade and other precious objects.

Tikal was the greatest city in the world of the Maya - dating back to 900 BC. Today, the temples still rival the great pyramids of Egypt. Unfortunately, due to a mysterious cocktail of war, famine, overpopulation and resource depletion, the city collapsed. 

Eventually, the ruins were devoured by the jungle. In 1525, a band of conquistadors marched right by the site and didn't see a darn thing. Even today, the towering structures are tightly wrapped with hungry trees. That is one of the reasons I loved Tikal. Nature is right there, howling in your face. Or, flying by you, flashing rainbow colored feathers. The ancient city is large too - spreading out for miles. There are thousands of structures.

We didn't have the greatest weather. It was cool and cloudy - both days. Sigh. Still, I took lots of photos...

Temple of the Masks

Do you see the mask?

A ball court.

Intriguing Stelae - many inscribed with the rulers' great deeds, can be found scattered around the site.

A Brown Jay.

Ocellated Turkeys! They roam Tikal, dressed in regal feathers like a peacock. 

Look at how small the tourists look at the top of the temple.

I love this photo.

Now, we're at the top of a temple, enjoying a glorious view of the park. (You'll see this view in The Empire Strikes Back, if you look closely) Years ago, we snapped this exact shot, perched on this very ledge. We laughed because my husband still has the same shoes! 

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Wild Florida


I have a thing for feathers.

Naples Beach

A storm was brewing. We finished picking up things, just in time.

Meanwhile, down by the glades...

wild things slither.

The wild thing.

Other things. 
Dirty, rotten things. 

I love this photo!

The rotting - vultures were feasting on this fish soup. It smelled like the devil went fishing and had a field day.

Black beauty shot!

Other things, were petite and pretty.

Some things smelled nice.

There were creepy-crawly things.

And unusual things. Is this a Caracara?


Things really are wild in these parts. 

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Around Antigua

You'll find numerous, intriguing, architectural ruins on a walking tour around Antigua, Guatemala. I'll get to those ravaged beauties later. Today, I'm simply posting a photo safari of life on the streets... 

All life in Antigua starts with a volcano view.

I love this photo capturing the indigenous ladies walking through the arch.

Here, the ladies are taking a break from tourist patrol. (It's an understatement to say they hawk their wares aggressively)

Peeling beauty.

Crinkled walls.

Everything is weathered and worn, beautifully. 

Monkey box.

The tripped-out buses propell through town like disco balls on jet fuel.

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy a city is with a refreshing and tasty beverage - like these mezcal- jalapeno drinks from delicious Cactus. 

A perch with a view. 

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Arches National Park

On our first morning in Utah, we got up early and drove to Canyonlands National Park. The lighting was perfect and the red-rock views were like layers of frozen fire. The weather on our morning hike, (you could film a brain on drugs commercial) was the sultry, meandering path to the devil's lair - hotter with each doomed step. So, the next morning, we got up early again...really early.

I was up anyway - star gazing under Moab's dark skies. Eventually, after a big vacation breakfast, we found ourselves at Arches for sunrise. The lighting wasn't perfect, but the temperature was sublime. I was awestruck.

Park Avenue. The red rock skyscrapers towered over the Park entrance.

Sunrise over Balanced Rock.

Balanced Rock- sunny.

Shadow shot!

Surreal Silhouettes.

Massive Windows.

Desert specimens. 

Ants for scale. I mean people

Landscape Arch in the Devil's Garden.



Happy me!

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