Monday, October 15, 2018

Skulls and Such...

Halloween month continues with a deadly brew of the damned. This sinful sugar is strong enough to curl your toe-bones. (It tickled mine) It's rum. Yum.

You'll find it at Utah's Outlaw Distillery. We always pick up the local brown on our travels. In Arizona, it was rum from the Desert Diamond Distillery. The good news is, we're going back to Utah next summer, to see Zion and Bryce. That's nice, because now we can get more rum! 

Grab a beverage and follow me on a miscellaneous adventure, up and down Utah...

Flying into Salt Lake City was surreal.

Entering Moab was out-of-this-world!



Red Rock sculptures.

Hat rescue.

Camping on another planet.

Capitol Reef band.

Prairie dog.

Lounging lizard.

Jack rabbit.

Leftover rabbit.

Mai Tai time!

My RIP tour continues with The oldest cemetery in Central America.

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Hike of Horrors!

The hike at Cerro Biotope Cahui didn't live up to the gruesome beginning - after the start, things were very much alive! Alive, instead of coiled up, floating in jars. As soon as I saw Jekyll's table -  full of skulls and all things bizarre - I knew this would make a great post for Halloween month.  

The nature preserve was located on the tip of lake Peten in El Remate, Guatemala. If you're lucky, you might see all of the above. Or unlucky.

A monkey perhaps?

Formally a deer. I think. 

A bat. Yuck!

Snakes and such.

Possibly a jaguar. 

A peccary or Tapir.

It's alive! A streaked-headed woodpecker.

A beautiful grey fox.

A  Violaceous Trogan.

We didn't locate the Mayan graves or climb to the top, for a stunning, panoramic view of the area. But, we didn't end up in a jar either.

This week, I'm highlighting two famous final destinations in the South: Haunted Savannah Cemeteries!

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Colorful Spirits

I've always been enchanted by cemeteries. This seems like a creepy confession. However, at the beginning of Halloween month, it's clandestine! 

Cemeteries in Central America are a celebration. I love the color and creativity. Back in the states, it's much more serious. At home, I always try to find the oldest headstone - the one that is almost illegible and covered in lichen. Consumed, dissolving into the ground - from dust to dust. 

This Cemetery in the jungles of El Remate, Guatemala, was full of colorful spirits. 

But, not everything was dead. A Mot-Mot.

I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite (and final) resting spots during Halloween month. Obviously, I have to start with the most haunted one. Here's a link: The Spooky Sand Hill Cemetery  

You'll find the Sand Hill Cemetery post on my creative writing blog: The Chorus of the Crows. While you're there, be sure to check out my new post. It's about the curse of the Hope Diamond and my strange connection to it!

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Piney River Ranch

Piney River Ranch is a twisty, twelve mile ascent from Vail, Colorado. (click the link for more Piney details) We were hoping to see a moose. Or two. We didn't. But, we did see beautiful mountain vistas. Due to tendinitis, I'm keeping it short today. I'll type more soon!

Enjoy the scenery...

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