Saturday, September 3, 2022

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Monday, August 29, 2022

The Belize Raptor Center

Luna the spectacled owl at The Belize Raptor Center 

Today I picked a popular post from my sidebar for another stroll down memory lane. This post isn't that old, but you made it a favorite. I love it too. It's a hoot! 

"A wise old owl sat in an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke. The less he spoke, the more he heard. Why can't we be like that wise old bird?" Edward Hersey Richards

The road sign for the BRC was tiny, weather-beaten, and hand-scrawled, typical signage in and around San Ignacio, Belize. Still, we were curious. Later that same week, our jungle hosts endeared us to the excellent tour at the BRC - not only fantastic, but free. Donations are encouraged; back then, they equaled a free t-shirt.

 The tour proceeds rain or shine, tourist, or not since the raptors need food and exercise daily. Follow my lens for a fun, feathered photo safari...

I think this is Ky, the gray-headed kite. 

I think this is Jamin, the bat-falcon. Or is it Maya, the Orange-breasted falcon? I have a Maya t-shirt, so I should know, right? Hmmm.


Zion, perhaps? Akna? Not sure.

This is Cora, the black vulture. She is a special bird, beloved by Sarah, the raptor whisperer. Cora follows Sarah everywhere and loves to receive beak massages. I dare you to massage this beak! Sarah did, repeatedly. All creatures need a little love.

At the end of the tour, we spotted baby howler monkeys in the canopy above. I hope this post persuades some of you to spurn the isolated islands like Ambergris Key, and have a real vacation on the mainland. 

Those who drink whiskey with the owls at night, cannot soar with the eagles the next day.  Brian D. Ratty 

 My blog might be transitioning to my new author website next week. Either way, it is happening soon. I hope you'll follow my feet to my new location!


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Monday, August 22, 2022

Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Puerto Jimenez

The untamed shores of the Golfo Dulce, what more can I say?  Sigh. You can buy sunglasses for as little as two bucks (my husband always loses a pair in the rough surf), roam shoeless, abandon all matter of outerwear, pan for gold, park wherever you damn well please, and lose yourself, seemingly forever, in the wilds of primitive jungle and beach.  

 Is there something new to explore?  Not really.  But who needs new when you have rusty, shabby, old, neglected, and downright wonderful things to see?

 Old things have always fascinated me, and these weathered boats have seen better days.  At low tide, they're landlocked and ripe for a photo safari. Follow my feet down memory lane…

The waters of the Osa Peninsula lap against the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. 

What lies beneath...

Now, where?

 Blue and orange is a personal favorite color pairing. This scene is beautiful set against the warm cerulean sea and blue-gray mountains in the distance. I can still feel the warm, mushy sand beneath my feet.  Paradise.  

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Monday, August 15, 2022

Nicaragua in 23 Photos

We were gone for twenty-three days, and on one of those days, we visited a beach in Rivas; seeing a colorful bus dominating the sand is quintessential Nicaragua. In the background, the Concepcion volcano looms over Ometepe island like an enormous water tower. 

Bold and breathtaking.

 Nicaragua is no stranger to unrest, and the nineteen volcanoes that boil and bubble—seemingly everywhere—add sufficient drama and tension. But there is more to Nicaragua than volcanoes. Discovering this long-buried highlight post sprinkled a hefty dose of wanderlust over my feet. 

Take a look.

A bird's eye view of the harbor in San Juan del Sur. 

A frolicking pig on the beach in Las Penitas. You'll share the beach with cows, horses, and pigs in Nicaragua.

The Grecian rooftop of the Cathedral of Leon.

A horse and cattle drive near Poneloia beach

A colorful street is explored on my morning photo safari in Leon.

Villas de Palermo in San Juan del Sur. Heaven.

Waiting boats in Las Penitas.

Puffy my rent-a-cat. Love. 💖

A vibrant carousel in Leon. 

Church bells in Leon.

Stuck in the middle of Leon.

Boats at sunset in San Juan del Sur.

A cross at Playa El Coco. A beach of almost unsurpassed beauty. 

Happy Hour at Villas de Palermo

The Christ statue at sunset in San Juan del Sur. 

Christ with one of his flock in Rivas. (not heaven)

Fishing in San Juan del Sur. 

A room with a view in Granada.

Life on the streets of Granada.

A dove on a wire in Leon.

Number four in Rivas. 

Kitty on the streets. 
I 💖 Nicaragua. 

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