Monday, September 16, 2019

Mossy Cave Trail

Our wheels.

Before our jaws unaligned at Bryce Canyon this summer, we walked mossy cave trail. It was a tiny red rock hike with a waterfall reward. The mossy cave moniker is misplaced - the waterfall is the highlight. Follow our feet...

Stay tuned for more from Bryce Canyon, Utah. 

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Monday, September 9, 2019

The White Dove of the Desert

Mission San Xavier del Bac

In the late 1600's, Father Kino arrived on horseback, entering the Wa:k village of the Tohono O'odham. The quiet and giving Desert people were seasonal farmers, growing Indian corn, beans, squash, lentils and melons. They also utilized native plants like saguaro fruits, mesquite tree beans, cholla buds and mesquite candy. They still weave beautiful baskets, that hold all matter of wares.

San Xavier Mission was built in the 1700's in New Spain. It is a National Historic Landmark and the oldest intact European structure in the state. Which state? Have you guessed where the White Dove is located? 

Follow my footsteps to find out...

The inside was like a gilded castle. I could almost hear the whispers: two-hundred years of silent prayers en-route to the heavens. 

I pray for a healthy life full of discovery and travel. 

The fire burns bright in Tucson, Arizona.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Parts Unknown

We felt like celebrities when we noticed a personalized rock at our Casita rental.

Can you guess where we spent Labor Day weekend?

I'll give you a clue: It's where you'll find the dove in the desert.

I'm taking a break this week. But don't worry, I'll be back next Monday to answer my question and create a new travel linky.

This week, I'll catch up on blog visits. Thank you for traveling to my site and leaving a footprint: your comments. I'm sorry I'm behind. See you soon. 

Monday, August 26, 2019

Spice and Vice

We took a Miami boat tour during our stay in South beach last Winter. I've never wanted to ride along with 5,000 souls attacking buffets, or hang my hat in closet sized cabins, (sorry cruise lovers) but I loved seeing cruise ship row. The massive beasts are like floating theme parks. It was cool. But, everything about South Beach is as cool as a tequila sunrise on Ocean Drive: Saturated color and vibrant murals, groovy architecture, wild parrots and even wilder people, aquamarine waters and delicious Cuban food. Spice and vice. Sunshine.

I (think) this is where they filmed Scarface.

My favorite part of the cruise, was floating by the massive container ships.

Miami Memories. 

This week, learn how I turned an accusation of imperfection, into inspiration. Over at The Chorus of the Crows

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Costa Rica: Once

I love how the branch appears to throw the sun like a radiated sun-ball. Yikes! No one would play the burning game. Except, maybe, Pele. But the Goddess of Volcanoes and fire lives in Hawaii. 

Today, the number eleven has finally arrived. Only Uno to go! Uno Costa Rica anyway. In 2020, we're returning to Belize after a long sabbatical. Too long. We love Belize: hidden caves and Mayan ruins, snorkeling along the cayes, hiking and drinking lots of One Barrel Rum. Marie Sharp's hot sauce and Tutti Frutti ice cream. Bird watching. Good stuff.

But, I haven't left Costa Rica yet...



Luckily, I saw this little-bugger in our bathroom before it was too late. Look at how he blends in with the tile! Now, I remember why I keep a flashlight by my bed in Central America. 

Playa Flamingo.

I can't imagine anywhere I'd rather be than a Costa Rican beach: long, flat, warm and wide. Wonderful. 

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Highlights of Utah: 2019

Many of you may have already visited my highlight reel over at My 3rd Eye. Still, I thought it was a good place to start my 2019 season of Utah photos. The June trip actually started in Nevada. And, of course, the photo above is from the Grand Canyon - in Arizona. So, obviously, we saw more than one state. It really was an action packed trip. The best of the Southwest. 

First, we hightailed it to the North Rim. We had the worst Navajo taco ever made at the lodge: a soggy fry bread crust, unseasoned and fatty brisket strips, and a curiously sour/odd tasting guacamole. The waiter seemed to sense our disgust, asking us over and over if it was O.K. We lied and said it was fine. Heck, the place was packed and we didn't want to waste time waiting for another entree. Besides, other than the lodge, we were in the middle of nowhere. So, it's the lodge or a dirt sandwich. (we had to travel back to Minnesota to get a first rate fry bread taco at Sand Castle on Lake Nokomis) 

Any-hoo, look at the view! That was all that mattered. I can finally say I've seen the Grand Canyon. 

Bryce Canyon over-look. Breathtaking. We both decided Bryce was super nice. Our favorite park. 

The vertical monoliths of Zion National Park = hunks of happiness.

A robin at Zion.

Nice view at Bryce.

Bryce horse train.

A splendid Bryce waterfall on mossy cave trail.

Horses at home. 
(our temporary home near Glendale, Utah)

Stay tuned for a heck-of-a-lot more...

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