Monday, March 23, 2020

Will Work For Rum...

The strangled remains of a doomed sugar mill can be found in the jungles of Belize, at the Mayan Ruin site called Lamanai. 

Lamanai (submerged Crocodile) was the reason we visited Orange Walk and booked a fast boat to traverse the New River, on our way to the remote site. (Our guides navigated the narrow river like James Bond escaping a first-class villain) The sugar mill created by the Hyde and Hodge Company in 1860, paid Chinese workers with rum! Every brick arrived by boat, but because of poor design and unschooled sugar/rum workers, the mill failed. 

Now, the sweet ruins are a bonus side trip. Follow my lens... 

Strangler Fig

Made in New Orleans.

I love this shot. 

We could all use a little rum during this Pandemic. 

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Monday, March 16, 2020

Cell Phone Sample: Florida 2020

The Mickey D's in Little Havana, Miami.

Last week, I was blissfully unaware of the T.P. shortage (that preceded all-out grocery store panic) until my husband alerted me to paper-gate. We were in Florida, using copious amounts of T.P. at the in-laws condo. The good-old-days.

Obviously, I knew about Coronavirus. But I didn't think about the impact on grocery store shelves. Now that we're home, and facing an empty fridge - and a frighting economy -  I'm wondering what I'll find at the market. Sigh. 

I wish I had more for show and tell today. It has nothing to do with the fear in my heart - just traveling feet. 

Here's a quick, seven day sample of our trip...

There's a cute pile of hand-painted rocks at Crew Trails near Bonita Springs. They were embellished by school kids.

This is a wacky, old-time photograph from our hotel room in South Beach. I loved it!

Our visit to Wynwood Walls started out with a bang: a parking lot ode to one of our favorite Netflix shows. 

Stranger Things.

My heart melted over this Hyacinth Macaw at the Bird Gardens of Naples: a parrot sanctuary that's a haven for homeless birds and a must-see. (that's my arm -  complete joy on my unseen face)

If you go to Larry's Lunchbox in Naples, be prepared for a unique brand of customer service. The sandwiches are great! The service is famously surly - even the Soup Nazi was impressed.

This sandy car (in need of a serious car wash) was parked on Ocean Drive. 

More to come!

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Monday, March 9, 2020

Zion: Part 2

Zion National Park. 

I'm letting my photos do most of the talking this week, as I'm running late with my post! Zion is part of Utah's big five. A favorite of many and a neck-craning drive. Follow our traveling feet...


Tunnel peek-holes. They were built to get rid of rocks and debris while the tunnels were under construction - and what a feat it must have been to build them through the monoliths of Zion.

It's hard to capture the scale and grandeur of the mammoth rocks, cradling you from all corners. The colors and textures need to be witnessed in person. It's like walking among giants. 

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Monday, March 2, 2020

Taking the High Road...

If you get too hot in Tucson, Arizona, just travel up the Catalina mountains, (I never get too hot) for refreshing, cool air. (I like thick air that feels like boiling syrup) 

First, you enter a stand of Saguaro, then spiral into a mini, Hoo-Doo rock gallery, culminating in an Aspen-like pine forest. We drove up twice for panoramic views and rock tripping. Follow our wheels... 


I wasn't able to get a good shot of the huge, black ravens of the Southwest. 

Peek-a-boo shot. 

So you see, no need to sizzle like bacon strips on your whole visit!

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Monday, February 24, 2020

Sea Shells and Scraps

I love leftovers - the photographic kind. Although, food scraps can be nice too, as long as I liked them in the first place.

Photo-leftovers make for easy blog posts. Especially when I formatted them on the fly: glorious vacation! This post shows bits and pieces from Flov-ember. Now, November is one of my favorite months. Follow my lens...

I'm itch'in for more Florida time.

Lover's Arch.

Raccoon tracks.

Corkscrew Hawk.


Feet for scale.

What lies beneath is even bigger.

I hit a red patch.


You'll find great faces on the Gulf. 

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