Monday, October 18, 2021

Charleston Spirits

In Charleston, South Carolina, you may hear the moaning and rattling of chains at the old slave mart, or sample poisonous oleander tea on a sultry afternoon. Maybe, you'll encounter the restless spirit of America's first female serial killer at the old jail, or catch a whiff of rotting pirate corpses fouling a sweet Summer breeze.

 Remember, never fall asleep in Charleston, or you may fall victim to a boo-hag. A boo-hag can seep into your hotel room through a keyhole and suck the breath from your body, leaving you exhausted or worse, suffocated. If you're particularly unlucky, the boo-hag will skin you alive, using your shell to cover her raw goopy flesh.

You'll hear these tales and more if you purchase the Two Buck Tour ghost App like we always do. Now, you can tour the city anytime, alone, or with a ghost or two. We've toured Savannah, Key West, Charleston (six bucks total), and next Spring, St. Augustine. All for a whopping eight bucks! :)

Follow our restless souls...

Ha! Ghost shadows.

Oh, for heaven's sake. 

No space is wasted.


Classic Charleston!


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Monday, October 11, 2021

Colonial Park

Established in 1750, Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, contains over nine thousand graves - but you'd never know it. 

Savannah is notoriously haunted, and this corner of Abercorn and Oglethorpe is no different. There are crumbling crypts scattered and clustered, weeping oak trees, and broken grave markers adhered to a brick wall like musty relics in the devil's art gallery. It's spooky on a warm and misty morning and scarier still at night. But the park closes at eight p.m. sharp so the ghosts can roam tourist free.

Follow my feet...

Skull and crossbones. 


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Monday, October 4, 2021

Orosi Spirits

High elevation, Orosi, Costa Rica.

In October, my blog should be named Sharon's Spirits, instead of Sharon's Souvenirs. I love Halloween, and string out my spooktacular posts all month long. This week, I haunted Orosi, Costa Rica. The scariest thing that happened while we were there, was a real-life earthquake. My first shake-up. Scary! 

Follow my restless soul as it meanders through Orosi cemeteries. I never feel ashamed of walking through the plots of the dead, because when I'm six feet under, I'll welcome all comers. I mean, who wants to be forgotten? I hope to have a bench as my headstone, with an invitation to bring a cocktail to toast a life well lived. Plus, I hope to have carved stone books to represent the literary side of my life. 

Graffiti across the street. 

I love the otherness of exploring foreign cemeteries. 


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Monday, September 27, 2021

Low Country, South Carolina

Near the North Edisto river lies the Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Reserve, one of the largest undeveloped wetland ecosystems along the Atlantic coast. I already posted photos of Botany Bay, a beloved island painted with oyster shells, haunting driftwood, and solitude. At Botany Bay, Pelicans stream by, creating an avian rush hour in the sky, cemeteries of gnarly driftwood outnumber people, and the sand sticks with you, calling you back like a siren song.  

But the back waters are interesting too. Follow my feet...

Literary inspiration.

Tabby, a cement made from oyster shells.

A Painted Bunting at the sign-in station.


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