Monday, January 20, 2020

Belize Snow

Have you ever worn a baby Iguana like a cheap, ill-fitting suit? I'm guessing your answer is no. Well, I have. 

The Iguana Conservation Project in San Ignacio is a fun place to wear Iguanas. Literally. But on this visit, we simply looked and learned. Oh, and fed them some bananas. The last visit, many moons ago, the Iguana handler loaded us up like a hot fudge sundae. Below are more of this week's favorite photos...

Belize Snow. 
An absolutely fabulous drink at Cahel Pech Resort. (It's kind of a dump, but has one thing going for it) See above.

A color saturated mural in San Ignacio.

A white crowned, Pionus parrot.

An encounter with a wild howler at The Belize Raptor Center! (We saw birds too)

An Aracari at SweetSongs Resort.

Sunset over San Ignacio!

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Belize: Buses and Birds


God was in a good mood when he created birds. They are a feast for the eyes and music to the ears. They have curious intelligence and acrobatic acuity. They fly. Most of all, they winter in Central America, my favorite place. Smart!

We moved from the lowland fields of Orange Walk Town to the rolling jungle of San Ignacio last week. Now, we're listening to cows moaning below our rental, and Brown Jays chattering in the trees above. Mist rolls in every morning, along with warblers and tanagers feeding in the treetops. On foot, we're touring the ancient ruins and caves of the Cayo district and eating star fruit, papaya, fry jacks and a myriad of jalapeno and onion relish covered delicacies. My camera is always close at hand...

(bonus feline collage)


Baby howlers playing in the treetops of Lamanai back in Orange Walk.


A camouflaged moth in Crooked Tree Village.


A melting boat along the lake.


A bus reminiscent of the T.V. Show, "Lost."


Curious cows in Crooked Tree Village. 

We drove by them, scattered and grazing, on a narrow dirt road outside town. (we were out birding, looking for Trogans in the treetops) When we drove by the pasture a second time, every single cow, young and old alike, was watching, eagerly waiting for our return. I've never felt so adored. 


The misty, morning hills of San Ignacio. 

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Belize: 2020


For the month of January, I'll be posting my top seven of seven: seven favorite photos from each week in beautiful, balmy, Belize. 

We're drinking Belikins and local rum, embarking on jungle photo safaris and touring ancient ruins by land and by boat. Yes, folks, it's that time of year again: Central America time. I can't believe it's our 13th trip way, way south of the border. Follow our flip-flops...


Boobies at El Gran Mestizo.


A peek at the Mayan ruins of Altun Ha.


Something old from an ancient sugar mill at Lamanai.


Street Kitten in Orange Walk Town.


Dos Coconuts at Altun Ha.


This photo makes me laugh every time I see it. Stay tuned this month for more of the same: life in Belize through my lens. 

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Monday, December 30, 2019

Travel Tree

The mysterious Crystal Skull: a completely unconventional tree topper commemorating Belize in 2013. The legend of the glassy cranium originates from the Mayan ruins of Lubaantun.

I've been making travel ornaments for 24 years. The first ornament celebrated our first big trip together: Maui. Unfortunately, some of the odd-ball ornaments I've made over-the-years don't make the cut anymore. Some - unlike precious travel memories - have faded from Christmas favor. My tiny trees are loaded. Now, I only have room for my favorite pieces. For example: I didn't hang - literally - creepy Capuchin. See below... 

Creepy Monkey face has been retired.

My quiet and calm Quetzal from 2009 didn't make the cut either. Maybe next year.

These did...

Nicaragua: 2017

Sunset over San Juan del Sur. The Jesus Christ statue in silhouette watches over the city. 

Costa Rica: 2008

 I was so ambitious in 2008 that I painted both sides! No scary Capuchin's this year. Cute critters instead. 

The Panama City skyline represented our 2016 trip to the tip of Central America.

Guatemala: 2018 

Two volcanoes simmer above beautiful Lake Atitlan. Guatemala has 37 volcanoes!

Costa Rica: 2019

We always see Scarlet Macaws flying over the Osa Peninsula. They eat in the tree tops, talking and squawking. Once you hear their boisterous chatter, you'll never forget it.

Nicaragua: 2014. 

An explosive year immortalized with glitter and beads. Nicaragua has 19 volcanoes. 

Can you guess where we're going in 2020? A food and drink paradise, full of Mayan ruins, turquoise cayes, hidden caves and jungle chatter.

You'll find Belikin beer in Belize! I can't wait.  

Happy New Year!

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Monday, December 23, 2019

Bryce Canyon: First Look

The best thing about Bryce Canyon is the seemingly endless amount of over-look stops on the road to the top. But, you do run out of gravel when you reach the precipice at around 9,000 feet. This post is the first look: a teaser of the vast hoodoos and spires, carved into a series of breath-taking, bowl shaped canyons. Follow our tracks to the top...

Stay tuned for more vistas from Bryce. This was the first over-look. There's plenty more Utah magic to come.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

P.S.  Who you gonna call for uplifting words of kindness and hope? Today's message at the Ideas for Positive Living phone line reminds us to live like soft-spoken, sweater wearing, Mr. Rodgers. Tomorrow is a new day and a new message for living your best life. Visit Chorus of the Crows to dial-up inspiration every day. 

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Monday, December 16, 2019

Saguaro National Park


I've always loved cacti. When I was a teenager, my neighbor Stella gave me a skinny, little cactus shoot for Christmas. (I think it was an African Milk Plant) Whatever it was, I cherished it. It grew...and grew...and grew. Eventually, there were three, tall, frilly edged cacti stems, reaching for the heavens. I graduated form high school and it followed. I graduated from college and it moved to Minneapolis with me. One day, a friend of my roommate broke off one of the tall, skinny stems. I was livid. But it survived. It grew so tall it reached the ceiling of my new apartment. (no more roommates, or careless morons to destroy it) Alas, when I moved to my first house, it didn't survive the journey. 

I still love cacti. 

I was over-joyed to see all the desert specimens at Saguaro National Park in Arizona. 

Here, the arms grew so heavy they fell to the ground. It is interesting to note that the spears don't grow arms until they are 75-100 years old!


Prickly Pear Cactus. I bought some Prickly Pear honey and Prickly Pear sugar for margaritas. Yum!

This trail wasn't long, but it was hot! Still, we reached the look-out. Cacti for days....

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