Monday, June 20, 2022

Florida Trails

If you tuned in last week, you'll know this is post 1,001. I hope you also read my happy literary news. Hooray! 

Blogging has changed considerably since I started. There are less giveaways and ubiquitous awards for good blogging behavior. Many bloggers have lost followers to a sinkhole-sized glut of social media outlets, and bloggers, in general, are an aging population. I still remember the duck lady, (that's what I called her) who only blogged about ducks. Sigh. Everybody has a reason to be here, whether it is to inspire with fashion, food, art, travel, books, nature, or birds.  Basically, it's fun to share, feel seen, and be appreciated for being human. Comments are nice too :)

I blog to share travel photos. Today, is Florida swamp and field day. Follow my feet... 

A happy face log!

A night heron.


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Monday, June 13, 2022

Dominicalito: My 1,000th Post!

Pura Vida on my beloved Dominicalito beach in Costa Rica. The photo above inspired my article published in Ballena Tales last winter.  I love the fisherman's evident joy! You can read my Dominicalito article on my creative writing blog.


I've been blogging since the Eisenhower administration - or thereabouts. I started Sharon's Paws Create during my early years of freelancing. I am an illustrator of children's books; I can state with glee that I illustrated three. :) But I collaborated on two more, so I favor the number five.

My early blog posts resembled a television variety show, with recipes, illustrations, cute cats, random travel tidbits, creepy crafts, and even a dust bunny: cat hair with ears. See below...

The gory days of Sharon's Paws Create.

I finally found my blogging mojo, concentrating on traveling feet, renaming my blog Sharon's Souvenirs - more fun ensued. (at least for me)

Next September, I'm moving my blog to a new author website because goodness, gracious, great books of fire, Ten16 Press is publishing my manuscript! 

Soon, THE LEVITATION GAME will be a book of unspecified success. 

My camera will still wander. I plan to blog as usual. But just in a different location. Follow my feet as they traverse the best beach this side of the equator...

A mystery skull. An Iguana perhaps?

My illustrated map of Dominical, Costa Rica.

Thanks for visiting blogging friends.

Please stay tuned!


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Monday, June 6, 2022

The Andrew Low House

Today, war in Ukraine surpassed one hundred days. In America, mass shootings are outnumbering trembling fingers. Long, unhappy sigh. 

The Andrew Low House, in Savannah, Georgia, is also a location of history and pain. It is the former home of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts. The home itself is a striking and beautifully appointed example of Southern architecture. But it is also the former home of enslaved Americans. It's no wonder Savannah is eternally haunted by disgruntled spirits. 

Follow my feet...

The most interesting part of the house was the fifty pound books and the silver doorknobs. Plus, a unique wooden loo. 

This bathroom was my favorite room. 

P.S. Don't worry blogging friends, I plan to post weekly travel updates on my new author website! I'll be posting here, at Sharon's Souvenirs until September. 


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