Monday, July 18, 2022

Beach Life

After a beloved trip, the countdown begins - the countdown to future warm weather destinations. Next stop: Florida. I don't think of Florida as a vacation anymore; it's my second home, and it is only three months away. Hooray! 

 Right now, I'm happy to live in Minnesota. The weather is humid enough to keep goosebumps at bay. Black raspberries cling to razor vines, chipmunks scurry along the fence, and weekend bike trips proceed each other like ants in military formation. There are condensation-free gin and tonics to be savored thanks to my trusted Tervis glasses and steaks to be grilled on our rusty little Webber.

 If you don't watch the news, life seems good. Sigh.

 Plus, it's only three months until Florida...

Barefoot beach and a raccoon photo-bomber.

Fort Myers beach.

I would feel like a real-life Jeanie, ready to sail away on a magic carpet, living in this house.

A basketball-sized jelly.

Lover's Key.


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