Friday, February 3, 2012


The story...

It had been exactly six
days, ten hours and forty-five
minutes since the two
toed sloth had answered
nature's call.  She needed a
jungle potty break.  The 
sloth had been grazing and
sleeping in the razor tipped
pochote tree for the whole
week.  But there was no 
way she could climb down
the tree's sharp skin.
So she pointed her head 
towards the sky and inched
through the nasty tree's upper  
branches.  Then she
s...l...o...w...l...y climbed 
over the top and onto a 
neighboring velvet tree.  
Now all she needed to do
was gingerly climb down to 
the forest floor.
The velvet tree sighed and
stated, "I could grow a new ring
in the time it takes her to reach 
the ground." 

Well, my illustration selection ends Costa Rica week. (for now!) It loosely fulfills the bill for illustration fried egg day or what ever it's called.  The suspense is wrapped up in the question of whether the sloth ever reaches the ground. I'm on pins and needles.  Actually, if I had to do this illustration over I would pick the cute faced three-toed sloth.  Oh well.  I know that this is a boring pick for my frequent blog visitors since it lives in my side bar eternally.  Beware the copyright!   


DJan said...

It's always fun to see your pictures in full size, no matter what. Plus I rarely go visit your sidebar (no offense!) so thanks for the cool picture. I also gazed at your header and its vibrant colors for a good long while. :-)

The Chair Speaks said...

We love your stories and illustrations! Purrs!

Pat Tillett said...

Love this one! Sloths are so awesome and so s l o w....
I also like your current header!