Saturday, June 15, 2013

Can I wear my opossum suit Ma?

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I'm sneaking in an extra post this week and hooking up with the theme worn.  This theme is perfect for me since I love to illustrate worn and weathered wood.  I have a lot of pieces in my art files like that.  But I chose this one in particular for many reasons.  The first is I haven't posted it before.  I don't think.  It was created for the 2012 Tomie DePaola scbwi contest.  Illustrators were asked to depict black and white scenes from some classic children's literature.   It is set in a weathered old cabin and Jody is "wearing" an opossum suit. For those of you that have read The Yearling you know Jody never dresses up like that.  But as the illustrator I can do whatever I please with the scene!

You'll have to click to enlarge to appreciate the detail and read the passage. 

And while you're here stop by They Draw and Travel to see my latest illustrated map! 


Cindy D. said...

Oh my goodness! Shirt full of baby possums! So cute (but don't they have claws.... aaaah). But totally a kid thing to do. Great job capturing that old-fashioned style!

Lynn said...

You've captured this beautifully! Love all those little possums-

Linda Hensley said...

I think I'd be concerned that the possums would eat my rations. Very cute :)

Unknown said...

I never had a possum suit to wear. Sigh.