Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunrise...Sunset. On Sanibel.

Actually, we did Sanibel in reverse last Winter.  We did sunset first and took an evening stroll on the beach.  The tourists had been hard at work all day building sand castles.  It was sand castles for miles.  But I was running out of day light.  I should have run for my own pail and shovel instead.  

The puffer fish decoration was a recurring theme.

This dolphin sports one too.

I feel the same way.

A few tiki drinks later and it's time for sunrise...

What does sunrise mean on Sanibel island?  Sea shells.

The sky glows pink.  The sun will make an appearance soon...


After an exhausting morning of shelling we fortified ourselves with raspberry pancakes at The Sanibel Cafe.  You dine surrounded by urns filled with seashells.  And eat on a sort of glass bottom boat table.  Filled with shells of course!

Our hopes of seeing Roseate Spoonbills was a bust. But we did see white pelicans at J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge. For more birds visit Wild Bird Wednesday

And before we crossed back over to the mainland we enjoyed a good fish dinner.  Grilled Mahi.  That's life in the slow lane on Sanibel.  Fish dinners, sea shells, sandcastles, sunrise and sunset.  Repeat.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Creature Feature

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I'm featuring my Mani Pedi with a Monster illustration for the www.illustrationfriday.com theme creature.  I love how cuddly the monster looks.  And the little girl modeled her hairstyle after her favorite pet. What ever the heck it is. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Mummy and Me

By now I hope you've checked out my House of Franken Cat illustration.  See my last post!  I thought this old photo of me and my friend Loren was a perfect match.  I mean, look at that mummy.  He definitely needs an iron.  And a good steam clean. It makes me laugh at how he is kind of falling apart.  And that face. Yikes!

5 random Halloween memories for Random 5 Friday

1)  When I was a kid one of my classmates stepped on my sheet and tore my ghost costume.  And I went crying to my Mom. I should have just kept it to use on Loren's costume.  Silly me. 

2) What is the weirdest thing you've seen stuffed into a nylon?  Well, if you are a flasher on Halloween you open up your London Fog and reveal an extra large stuffed (fake) thing a ma bob.  Maybe with some fake fur to add realism.  The good old days.

3) I could actually stay up until midnight to see who won the costume contest.  Again.  The good old days.

4) I kept disposable contacts on hand just for Halloween.  Serious business.

5)  Being Cleopatra for the night.  Priceless.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


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Entangled.  To wrap, interweave or ensnare.  That sounds about right for my Halloween illustration, The House of Franken Cat.  Please click to enlarge or you will never be able to see the spookiness.  Now let the story unfold... 

The story begins with poor little Franken cat sitting on the stoop.  All alone.  But wait.  Whose hand is knocking on the bottom of the door?  And whose hand is ready to open the door?  Geez. Who knows.  It probably belonged to a solicitor that knocked on the wrong door at the most inopportune time.  Maybe at the frightful hour of 6 pm when Mr. Pumpkin was puking in the dining room and the headless dude was spooning soup into his stump.

The hand was probably severed in the kitchen while the witches were making wiggly mouse pie.  Yum, yum.

The fate of the hand was sealed after it fingered its way into the master bedroom where an impatient Medusa was trying to comb the scales out of her hair.  And you think dandruff is bad.  Now the right hand is doomed to eternal life as a bodyless butler.

The mummy was too busy ironing his torn bed sheets to know what was going on with the roaming hand.  The skeleton inquired, "Hey hand. Can you squeeze the last bit of tooth paste out of this tube?  It's hard when you don't have any muscles." Whether the hand helped is not known.

Well, the body was never discovered.  But my guess is that the witches went all Fried Green Tomatoes with it.  If you know what I mean.  Have you seen the movie?

(Insert spooky background noise)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Feather your nest...

5 random nest ingredients for Random 5 Friday

1) sawdust

2) dried grass

3)  Mossy stuff

4) Ironically, lots of cat fur.

5)  Love of course!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Moustaches at the MIA!

When I first saw the www.illustrationfriday.com theme moustache I thought pass.  But then I remembered the Salvador Dali moustaches I won at Art Perchance.  And I'd been planning to do a post about last week's 10 year anniversary bash anyway.  So I raided my official Art Perchance junk/prize basket and turned my Skeptical Cat illustration into Dali Cat.  A cat with an air of moustachio machismo. 


The Art Perchance junk basket.  4 years worth of loot.

An official inspection


I was proud to be juried into AP 2013 at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts  Click here to see all the art.  My 4th year in a row.  And the 10 year anniversary. I submitted a gallery wrapped print of my painting Lush.

This year the shindig was indoors.  There were still fun games.  And every time you win at a game you get a ticket to possibly win art. At one point I saw a lady drop 5 tickets into my pail.  That made my night! The free margaritas made my husband's night. 

A cool ceiling effect.  It moved.....spooky.

I grabbed a cupcake for the road. 

And my favorite bling this year was a glowing psychedelic ring.  I wore it with pride!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Winter Breakfast

Winter Breakfast

5 random toppings that turn toasted 10 grain bread into Winter Breakfast. For Random 5 Friday

1) Whipped cream cheese.

2) A drizzle of your favorite honey.

3) A sprinkle of salted sunflower kernals.

4) A handful of shelled pumpkin seeds

5) A few walnut pieces.

Yum.  It's healthy and delicious! And don't forget about Summer Breakfast  

P.S.  I had a blast at the Minneapolis Institute of Art's Art Perchance 2013 last night. Click the link for a preview of all the art.  Including mine!  Can you find Lush?  Hint.  It's at the bottom.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Frigate All

Frigate birds in Belize

I love this photo.  And it is a lucky shot. 

We were out on the ocean headed to Monkey River last winter in Belize and we spotted these birds.  The boat was a rock'in.  But somehow I managed to get a crisp shot.  And look at how the birds posed for me.  Both looking in the same direction.  Thanks for the frigg'in good shot frigate birds! 

For more birds visit Wild Bird Wednesday

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Under Water Art

click to enlarge

I have a lot of underwater scenes to choose from in my illustration fish tank.  But I thought this self portrait was a good choice for the www.illustrationfriday.com theme underwater.  I'm taking matters into my own hands and giving my reef home a fresh coat of paint.  Someone has to do it.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A day to satisfy every sense.

A day trip down the scenic Mississippi river valley to Stockholm, Wisconsin.

5 random senses for Random 5 Friday 

1) What will you hear?  The whistle of trains as they charge down the tracks.  Sea gulls calling. The wind across the water.  And to prove that there is no perfect paradise, the deafening obnoxious blight of overpowered motorcycles out for a joy ride.  

2) What will you see?  Sparkles, Fall colors, lofty and scenic panoramas, eagles soaring on thermals, pumpkins and small town life.

3) What will you smell?  Bread baking at the Smiling Pelican Bakeshop, pies and drying leaves and flowers.

4) What will you taste?  Stone Barn Pizza.

5) What will you touch?  Grab a fork!

A day filled with planes, trains and a few automobiles.

We spotted a huge flock of white pelicans flying over.  Score!  They are a rare sight.  But I barely got the shot. 
For more birds visit Wild Bird Wednesday


Soaking it all in on a hike to the edge of Maiden Rock bluff

We arrived at the Nelson Stone Barn at 4:40 and cars were lining up outside the farm for a 5:00 opening.  Yes farm!  And it is the best darn wood fired pizza around.  They seat you in the remains of an old barn. Cool.

 As the hungry cars waited a BMW bypassed the line.  The driveway was roped off.  The BMW drove around the driveway on the grass.  Cars started honking.   And everyone was grumbling about that darn car when we were inside and ordering our Za.  BMW....grrrr...rude....who are these clowns?  Ha! 

 But who could stay mad while eating fantastic pizza on a scenic farm with horses, evening sun and the wood fires glowing.

Good bye Stone Barn.  See you next May. Sniff.

P.S.  For more on the Mississippi river valley, the legend of Maiden Rock and Stone Barn Pizza hit my labels.  Or check out these links The legend of Maiden Rock or  Stone Barn Pizza