Monday, July 30, 2012

A Blast of Berry Bounty!

We were having a picnic by Minniehaha last night.  I just call this creek/river the "Ha".  And a little girl came running up to our picnic table with some berries she'd picked from a tree.  She and her dad didn't know what kind they were.  It was almost like she knew we were some kind of berry experts!  I'm sure she saw last week's post.  Ha!  Little did she know how much foraging we did this Summer. We've seen her mystery berries all over.  They look like blackberries, except they grow on a tree. They are notorious for staining the biking and walking trails purple.  I've even seen people picking them.  Boysenberries?  Mulberries?  I don't know.  I'll have to google them.  If you know leave a comment.  But for now check out my berry goodies.

(Above) French Toast with Black Raspberries.  I look forward to this all Winter! It is such a winning combo.

Very Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberries.  I frosted them with both Chocolate Butter Cream and White Chocolate Frosting.  

Black Raspberry Jam

Fresh Raspberry Glazed Pie.  I updated my Mom's recipe with a cream cheese filling and an Oreo Crust.  I've had people tell me this is the best pie they have ever eaten!

Spiked Crepes with Whipped Cream and Fresh Berries.

My favorite Summer breakfast. (I posted this easy recipe on July 4th!)

Raspberry White Chocolate Oreo Torte.

This one is kind of a joke!  We brought berries to our hotel!

Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.

A homemade Chocolate Raspberry Bar. Easy.

Red Raspberry Jam.

Now just leave a comment for the dessert you'd like a recipe for and I'll post it on Wednesday!

P.S.  Caren asked me to add the follow by email feature to my blog.  So I did! 


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Ohhhh noooooooooooo!!! Now you have gone and made me hungry!!! OMG!!! Delicious!

THANK YOU for adding the "follow by email" feature. Just signed up!

Pat Tillett said...

I haven't eaten yet today and these photos are just killing me!

TexWisGirl said...

holy smokes, these look great!

Mary said...

Oh, so delicious looking berry foods! I so want to come to your house for food. You may not know all of the berries about...but you know how to prepare foods with berries.. yippy for you--yumm.

adinparadise said...

I just had berries for breakfast, but that chocolate. raspberry cheesecake would have gone down even better. Recipe please. ;)

Serline said...

My favorite jam of all time is the black raspberry jam over pancakes or waffles<33

Au and Target said...

Coming here was a big mistake. I love raspberries! And we don't get them in Malaysia :-( Love the pics and love the Minniehaha name!

Joreina Blanco said...

Just when I thought I'm already full with the food I've eaten in lunch, these photo came in. Oh my gosh. This makes me crave all over again.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh gosh- did you make all that berry stuff?
I never heard of berrys growing on trees. But we saw some blackberrys that climbed a tree and then the berrys hung down- like it was growing on a tree.

Priyanka Geriya said...

Hiee...these look delidious!!

Can u please send me the recipe for Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake and
Raspberry White Chocolate Oreo Torte...thanks a lot!!

Good luck