Monday, September 19, 2011

Photo Contest Loser










The letter "A" (Arenal Volcano)

Every month Joan over at hosts a photo contest. These are all of my entries to date. Not a winner in the bunch. There are several honorable mentions every month as well. I've only had one mention. Geez. I think that the judges are some of my sorority sisters from college that thought I was a big fat loser. Or maybe the judges are some old high school classmates that thought I took the short bus. Or maybe the judge is secretly Simon Cowell. Although I haven't received any nasty comments. I bet that if Simon really visited blogs we would have a lot of comment moderation going on. Delete! And I'm convinced that one of the judges is Heidi Klum. She probably takes one look at my latest photo and declares," You're out!" So I've decided to pack up my knives because I will clearly never be Top Chef...I mean Top Photographer. I'm joking of course. I'll keep playing until Tyra Banks tells me to immediately pack up my camera and go home. Shoot.


Hilary said...

I stopped by after seeing your "No friggin' dessert?" comment over at DJan's blog and it made me laugh... as did this post. Thanks for the smiles.. I love your photography. If I was judging you (on Idol) I'd be saying "You're going to Hollywood!"

Carol............. said...

Got a big laugh out of your post! Thanks for cheering up my day!!!!!! (I like the photos...)

Wanda..... said...

Well, I thought the bridge shot would have won in that category for sure!

Anne said...

If I was the judge, you would have won! Choices/Anne

Tweedles -- that's me said...

The Judges are out of their mind, because the ducks in the water "Reflections" should have won first place, and all the others should have placed to,

Serline said...

Your pictures were great and very enjoyable.Wish I could see those hills and ponds. That's my kinda place!

DJan said...

Well, I always look to see what you have entered in the contest. I love this contest and have been filled with smiles and amazement after winning ONCE!!! I love my bird shot, too. Now I know what you are entering for this month's "shadows" and how do you know you haven't won? Of course Judy (SquirrelQueen) has won NUMEROUS times.

I love your pictures, and you deserve kudos, so here's a few!! Oh, and some hugs, too.

Au and Target said...

I'm just hoping that someday I'll take loser shots like you!

Don Urness said...

I loved the bird one

Linda Hensley said...

I love the bird too. I've learned that winning contests has more to do with the judges' tastes and preferences than with whatever gets submitted. Keep doing what you're doing. I love looking at your photos!

Christina Rodriguez said...

I'm sorry you lost the photo contests, Sharon, but with your sense of humor you'll always be a winner to me!

Art is so subjective, and rejection is just a part of the job. I embraced my loser status long ago...

SquirrelQueen said...

I still can't believe your Bridges shot didn't win! I thought for sure it would.

I think it all depends on who the judges are and what strikes their fancy.

Keep on entering!