Monday, December 7, 2009

This Old House

This old house definately is not my house. I wonder who lives here? If walls could talk they might say...An honorable group of bats pay top dollar for the attic space. Unfortunately a freeloading family of squirrels noticed the bat's nightly migration. Now the freeloaders sneak in every night rent free. A squeaky clean family of mice have rented out the interior. Meanwhile a posse of masked bandits have taken over the kitchen. They are able to do what ever they want since they are the only animals capable of carrying a gun. (with their opposable thumbs) The basement has been completely taken over by spiders. Can you imagine the nerve it would take to build a house on someone else's property? Well, spiders do it all the time with their webs. And then there are the centipedes. They are under the impression they can out run the landlord. Have you ever seen one streak by at night? And speaking of things that go bump in the night. Try collecting rent from a ghost sometime. No wonder this place needs a coat of paint.


DJan said...

Neat story, Sharon, and I love the sense of humor of the residents. They are certainly welcome to it! It's so cold here I am happy that those critters can get out of the cold.

AL said...

It's a nice house indeed, if only painted neatly then it would look more good to stay in! I guess it's being haunted by ghosts now and it gives me creeps. Well if I will be the one to stay in that house I would be willing to have it blessed first before I occupy it.