Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pop Out Kitty and Pumpkin Pup

What the heck am I going to post next October if I post all Halloween related material this year? But if you got it, post it right? Unlike the craftsy pumpkins of last week, I'm friends with these two all year. They hang in my stairway along side Neon Giraffe, Pink Kitty and Big Eyed Dog. All five beloved characters can now be found on another website. to see my work there hit portfolio directory, then W, then hit my giraffe icon. I was also profiled last week on another blog. Thankyou very much to Beth Solheim for that honor. And I popped over to the studio of my mentor Carrie Hartman for my first lesson. She is a master at the art of the critique. I learned alot about the use of color. Like how I need to mellow out my background colors so that... forground really pops!


AL said...

I saw a giraffe with a blue butterfly on it's tongue. Sharon, I admire your creativity in illustrating. I wish I can do the same but I know each of us has it's own talents, and you are gifted so well.


Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Sharon
i like the cute puppy in the pumpkin. You did such a good job!
Remember when i picked out the pumpkin that i did? well because mama said she was going to put me in it for haloween. I don't know if it will happen. That was the plan- just like your puppy in the pumpkin

SquirrelQueen said...

I love all your art work, you have a way of looking at the ordinary and then giving it a twist. Pop Out Kitty is cute, in an evil eyed, Halloween sort of way. I also like that you did not go with the typical black cat.


SquirrelQueen said...

I keep meaning to tell you I love your header, it is great. I have some dead sunflowers in my photo file that I might use one of these days.

charmine. said...

Sharon,sorry,But I was busssy all week,barely had time for my own posts.It was Diwali time here and people come bearing gifts,had to entertain.Irrespective of what religion you belong to,they will still gift you something.I'm christian ......but those gifts were good.

charmine. said...

Oh,I love these paintings,espl the pup in the pumpkin.Love the contrasting colors.

Windie said...

Hide n go seek kitty huh? Too cute. they love to posse for pictures don't they? And your art is GREAT!!!