Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marriage...or Jail

What an attention grabbing headline. Marriage...or Jail. Is there a connection to these photos you ask? Well, we were celebrating our anniversary at the Creamery in Downsville, Wisconsin this Spring. And I snapped these pictures of an old jail and post office. The weathered paint and old boards are the connection to my Arts and Crafts post. But my painting in no way compares to the nirvana of age shown here. Something old is my favorite kind of photographic journey. I posted the weathered boards on my header earlier this Summer. It was a personal favorite. I guess the dried Sunflowers currently headlining my blog could also be considered old. I took that photo near Eau Claire, Wisconsin this fall. Oh, and in case you're wondering I definately don't think of marriage as jail. But my husband does get mad at me when I leave the keys to the house lodged in the door. Go figure.


Margaret Pangert said...

I love the old, weathered boards. and that shade of teal is beautiful. I love old, too, plus the history behind old things. I'm on my way to my family's farm in California, and I'll keep my eyes open! xxox

Nina Crittenden said...

Cool, Sharon! You have such a keen eye for detail!

AL said...

One of the photos was in your header recently, I always like to look at it and now I know the story of it. LOL


Tweedles -- that's me... said...

We like old stuff too. Like the old barn where the old crows live!
You have some mighty nice oldies but goodies posted!
We especially loved the sunflowers.

chicamom85 said...

My Sister used to live in Eau Clare, that is a nice area. I love the old stuff too, it has charm and history.


Alicia Schwab Illustration said...

I've been to the Creamery lots of times. I never noticed any of this. What a great eye you have!

charmine. said...

Ah! There you are!What A fun post.Hope you had a good time there.I love how you change your headers often....fun.I also love the funny faces in the post below this.

Do join in the nxt giveaway,It's some nice art work from here.

Martha (Menagerie) said...

Really great shots! :-)

SquirrelQueen said...

Very nice shots, I love old stuff like the mailbox and the weathered doors. I'm just wondering if E.T. Barnum was related to P.T., you never know!