Monday, October 5, 2009

October Moon

I'm kicking off the month of October with a Moon post. The full Moon was painted for an illustration called Beloved Moon. Beloved Moon was painted for a gallery show on the grounds of Minnesota's Owatonna Orphanage Museum. The theme was, "A Child's Hope" My illustration depicts an Orphaned teen hugging a portrait of her Mother and glancing at the Moon. And then there is my magenta cow. The cow's gigantic ears enable her to fly over the Moon. I painted her for a responce card included in one of my promotional mailings. Just for fun I've included two cards that were mailed back to me. One publisher circled maybe. And one said...Never! But added that they hoped that didn't sound mean. Funny! Maybe the theme of my next illustration should be, "An Artist's Hope" It would depict me sitting at my desk holding a paintbrush to my chest. I would be staring out the window with a tear sliding down my cheek. I've probably just received another "mean" rejection. But I will never give up Hope!


charmine. said...

Hi Sharon, thank you for your comments,sorry ,I was off blogville for a few days.I'm not being Mean!I think your very talented, keep up the good work,keeping trying and your efforts will pay off.

I love this painting,good job.Enjoy your week......keep painting.

barb bjornson said...

Your cows with big ears are so funny. Rejections, you just hope they are nice about it. If not screw them you wouldn't want to work for them if that's how they behave.
Your painting Red Wing looks great in the exhibit.

chicamom85 said...

I really love this! Thanks for sharing.


AL said...

Awww Sharon, don't feel bad about it. Hope is the only thing that we all should keep, if we're going to let it go, nothing will happen. Make rejections as a challenge for you to try more.

Sharon you draw so well and I know one day you're work will be recognized in the right time and place. Take care.


Margaret Pangert said...

Never give up, Sharon, because you're way, way too good! Put your hopes on New Year's Eve this year because the full moon will also be a blue moon, and it's predicted for 12/31/09!!
I really love the colors you envision for animals, btw!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

It's me Tweedles.
So what do they know anyway? I think your great, and all my friends do too.
We don't want any "cranky pants" being interested, so good- we don't want them. You are toooo good for them.
I love your full moon- I love moons no matter what. And I love the painting of the girl on her bed- it touched my heart.

Anonymous said...

Your confirmation cards are so clever! I don't think it's mean, they're probably just looking at other styles at this time, or are closed to new talent. Don't be sad; at least the publisher returned the card!

Don Urness said...

I wish I would have saved all the rejection letters I have received in my life.