Monday, June 18, 2018

Off-Road in Moab, Utah

We had an off-road adventure near Canyonlands National Park in Moab, Utah last week. However, that wasn't the crazy part. We almost always have an off-road adventure when we travel - driving in Central America can be a bumpy, insane roller coaster ride. Years ago, on the recommendation of a non-English speaking gas station attendant, we took a short cut to Montezuma, Costa Rica. The cut took us over a mountain range, on a glorified cow path. There were no other cars. (or bridges for that matter) There was barely a dirt road. We wondered, what's going to happen to us? But, do you know what? We made it!

Years later, we were warned to avoid driving in Managua, Nicaragua, for fear of the bus drivers that don't stop for man nor beast. Somehow, we avoided the shakedowns from local cops too.

The only planned off road driving we've done, was on the Big island of Hawaii. We rented a jeep and drove over fields of black lava. Now, that's just a normal day, on a normal road in those parts!

The crazy part of the drive was that we took it with friends! We're solo travelers, so we were happy to discover that our friends, Karen and John, were staying in Marco, right by us in Naples, Florida last March. And wouldn't you know it, those same friends were traveling to Moab for the summer. We already had our Moab trip booked too. So, we hooked up again. Great minds think alike!

They took us to a Gooseneck over the Green River. The view was spectacular. It took awhile to find the perfect location - parking and peering over the canyon, looking for the sweet spot.

I love this candid photo.

Plus, they packed a delicious picnic. (not to mention the use of one of their vehicles) They even packed, local, Outlaw Rum, just because they knew we liked it!

I had to take a shadow shot.

The Green River before it takes a big loop to the Left. 

We were sipping a Mai Tai when the sun set over the canyon.

Red Rock Heaven.

The night was perfectly imperfect. At first, the wind almost blew us off the butte. And a storm threatened to rain on our feast. But, then a rainbow smeared across the Eastern sky. The sizzling temperature trickled down the thermometer to a perfect 82 as the sun sank into the horizon. We noshed until dark. Then, we had to pick our way around the rocks, back to civilization. Obviously, it was beautiful.


It was a night to remember. 

Thanks Karen and Johnny!

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DUTA said...

Nothing better than travelling with friends.

DJan said...

Wow, what a grand adventure! Thanks so much for taking me along virtually. :-)

NC Sue said...

Beautiful scenes!
Thanks for linking up at

Jill Foley said...

Wow! Gorgeous photos - and they bring back memories of our trip to Canyonlands a couple years ago.

Ruth Rieckehoff said...

What a gorgeous place! For the future (hopefully the near future), we would like to buy a sturdy, 4 x 4 vehicle and a small camper. We would love to explore the Southwest states properly.

Pea bea said...

Love the canyon photo, but all that you share is great to read about. Traveling with you through your photography. :) Thanks for sharing at Pictorial Tuesday.

Peabea from Peabea Scribbles

betty-NZ said...

It looks like a fabulous time! That scenery is stunning.

Jill said...

What fun! I think that Utah is such a hidden gem and has such incredible beauty! I'd visit there anyday.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

What an awesome adventure! Do I see a rainbow in the "candid" shot? Love the shadow shot with the stilt legs and also mai tai sunset. Makes me want to drive my Jeep to Moab!!

Angie said...

Love that shadow shot with the ominous clouds in the background!!! I like that you chose a spot and stuck with it to enjoy the afternoon and evening. That's my kind of 'tourism'.

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm long past off-roading, so thank you for sharing your adventure with us. I love the sunset!
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Linda Hensley said...

I've found that traveling with friends can be either the best or the worst of times. I'm glad you had such fun with yours. More happy memories and beautiful photos!

Pat Tillett said...

You folks sure do get around! Great photos Sharon.
You are living the life!