Monday, January 30, 2017

The Way to Casco Veijo...

A busy dog walker.

We stayed in a high rise amidst the skyscrapers of bustling Panama City last January. We even played a few rounds in the towering Trump casino and joked about him becoming our next president. Ha! We laughed and laughed, thinking it would only happen when pigs fly. Gulp. Good grief. It did. 

Panama City was a completely new Central American experience. But the old quarter or Casco Veijo, with its more familiar gritty and crumbling facades, wasn't far away. We walked...

The skyscrapers loom in the distance as we passed this local fish market. 

A load of bananas greeted us as we entered the old quarter. The historic part of Panama City. 

Now where? My camera led the way...

Who ya gonna call?

This alley of graffiti and crumpled garbage cans was photography nirvana for me. 

Casco Viejo is being restored and revitalized as we speak. But many empty ruins remain. One of them held a pop up food truck! 

I just love these two gentleman passing time, wearing their Panama hats. It doesn't get more Panama than that!

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Bell Rock and the Chapel of the Holy Cross

Bell Rock is an iconic, natural rock sculpture that greets awestruck visitors as soon as they enter Sedona, Arizona. Natural sculptures are my preferred kind. I guess that's why I covet photography over paintings. You really can't improve on the beauty of nature. And I'm an artist! 

Red Rock Country

The view from the rock. A phrase that can be uttered anywhere you stand in Sedona.

A towering agave. They are pretty sculptural as well. 

Desert critters!

God's got mail!

We visited the chapel of the holy cross after hiking at Bell Rock. All of the main rock sculptures, including: Courthouse, Cathedral, Bell and even the relatively diminutive Rabbit Ears are near the chapel. Evidently, God thought that would be a convenient touch. The chapel is a man made Sedona landmark. However, it does look as if it sprouted magically from the rock.

 I said a prayer here. I also whispered one on the vortex center which is Bell Rock. I could see energy spiraling in front of my unpeeled eyes in the latter. I wonder which prayer will be answered? 

Blooming cacti lined the pilgrimage heading up to the chapel. Truly awe inspiring beauty.


I'll be blogging about Sedona, Panama, Florida, and Nicaragua in February. 
 My camera was busy in Nicaragua this January. I just got back. I brought home a lot of cherished visual souvenirs. And mental memories. That eventually, I'll share here in 2017. Please stay tuned. 

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