Monday, July 25, 2016

Playa Corona

I hope you'll continue your virtual trip with me, as I leave the verdant mountains of Boquete behind and travel to the sizzling shores of Playa Corona. It was 6 grueling hours away by car, and eagerly awaited, in beautiful Panama this year. Every day we wandered the beach at low tide. And cooled off in the tide pools created by a rocky coast. It was an amazing beach. 

Sunrise over the ocean enchanted in the morning and a well salted sky of stars mesmerized at night. Sandwiched in-between all of that, there was plenty of sun and sand.

A stairs to nowhere...

An unusual jelly fish. They are so other worldly.

Birds and butterflies delighted. In fact, other than our beach dog (that we named Caracol) and avian skies, there were very few humans. Heaven.

I brought one of these home and use it as a soap dish.

We were bathing in a tide pool, when an osprey dropped his lunch. We wandered over to the base of the cliff and this puffer was the unfortunate, discarded meal. 

You never know what will turn up at the beach....

So please stand by for many more calm and balmy Playa Corona posts! 

And this week, over at The Chorus of the Crows,

I'm splintering open my travel log. And all that happened there...

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Old Pilings

This Florida post has been hanging around since 2015. Unpublished and almost forgotten. Just like these pilings that are only hanging together by a thread. It looks like mother nature has taken a withering bite, leaving the old pier to slowly decay with each tide. Weathered pilings always add a little visual interest to the beach. This beach is in Naples. My old stomping ground.

Explosive green!

An osprey. These days, they're prolific in Florida. They hunt from the wispy pines that dot the shore.

It won't be much longer...


There's no excuse. Don't give me any ifs, ands or cat butts. You have to read about the rest of the package over at The Chorus of the Crows!

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Splendors of Spring!

The splendors of spring 2016 left me speechless...

Well, wordless really. 

I took a short blogging break while we traveled to wondrous Sedona, Arizona last week. There weren't any fireworks in the desert, but the red rock was ablaze all the same. The trip was an energized, vortex filled visual feast. And on a humorous note, we had such a boring and extended delay at the Phoenix airport on our return, due to storms in Minneapolis, that I finally joined Instagram! I've been playing around with the App ever since. #latetotheparty!

It might be awhile before a photographic travel log shows up here, but you can check out The Best of Sedona over at My3rd Eye and an inspirational Sedona post over at The Chorus of the Crows... 

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