Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Calendar Year Of Photos

I can't believe it is February already.  It seems like I just turned the last calendar page of 2011.  Every year I make a new calendar of our travel photos from the year before as a Christmas gift for my husband.  But strange events happened towards the end of 2011.  I abruptly stopped writing in my diary.  And I did not make a 2012 calendar.  The funny thing is that it was the first time in at least 10 years that I didn't make one.  But it just so happens that my friend Ivan gave me a copy of the photo calendar he made for 2012.  Including stunning views of his home in Washington. So I'm covered.  Whew! 

So please enjoy 2011... The top photo is January at Pacific Edge in Costa Rica. 

February takes us on a hiking adventure in the Cold (Cloud) forest at San Luis Waterfall.

 March takes a walk on the beach at Hacienda Baru.

April is all about Milky the cat.

 May (our anniversary month) brings a grand romantic gesture from my husband.  He left a token of our stay at Pacific Edge.  P.S.  He hid the sand dollar in the rafters.  We knew we'd be back someday.  Would it still be hidden there upon our return?  No!  We were just there this January.  Sniff.

Dragonflies in June.

 You need a great pool in July.  Just like this winner at Baru.

August brings more beach time in Dominical.  

 A Cloud forest Hummingbird in September.

 Whale watching in October.  We didn't see any.  Bummer.

 A visit to Whale's Tail beach in November.

A December stroll on Dominical beach.  My favorite place in the world!  Of course you know we weren't really there during those months.  But that is the beauty of photos.  You can relive your memories forever. 

I'll be back on track with my recipe posts on Wednesday.  So be sure to stop back!


DJan said...

Love the pictures! Some I've seen before and they still make me happy. I sure like the rushing water under your feet. And that beautiful hummingbird! Thank you for the tour back in time. :-)

Mary Lou Rosato-Caine said...

Beautiful pictures--I love Milky the Cat and the beach pic above Milky. But I really like your kitty cat!

Christina Rodriguez said...

Awww, well, maybe another Sharon and Dean found it and were so touched they took it home for good luck. Maybe they are enjoying a wonderful relationship thanks to your seashell charm!

The Hubs and I carved our names into one of the wood railings at the stairs at Split Rock Lighthouse. It hadn't been marked over when we saw it again years later.

Linda Hensley said...

What a wonderful idea! I wish I had been on cool vacations and taken pictures in 2011. Maybe this year? Nice mermaid too :)

Donald Urness said...

Love the last pic.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

The photos are so beautiful.
I love the dragon fly. I made dragon flies for valentines day!

The Chair Speaks said...

Lovely photos for lovely memories!

Serline said...

Your photographs are just breathtaking! they make me want to visit these spots. Have a great week!

Wanda..... said...

Your photos are always lovely, Sharon. I love the cards I won in a give-a-way last year!

Koosje Koene said...

Such a great idea! And wonderful pictures!

Pat Tillett said...

A beautiful view for every month! Also a great idea...
Here's to a great weekend!