Thursday, October 27, 2011

The bear essentials

The bear essentials of a forest:

1) Must have a den suitable for spending the whole Winter. No time shares.

2) Must have wild blackberry bushes covering at least 25% of the forest floor. 15% is only suitable for a late Summer snack.

3) Must have a minimum of 40 tall and climbable trees to escape dumbass hikers.

4) Groomed trails are a plus. They help to gain momentum when chasing said hikers.

5) Must have at least 10 squirrels to entertain cubs while Mom is foraging.

6)Trail cameras are an added bonus. Cubs refer to them as mobile mud bombs. Or finger/claw painting surfaces.

7) And the 4 year forest rental contract must include a delivery of honey on May 1st. In this economy it is necessary to sweeten the deal a little bit.


Anne said...

Such a cute bear!

Shane Kent Louis said...

I cant see the bear face, but I'm sure I love to hug him woof!


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SquirrelQueen said...

You caught me off guard and gave me a big laugh when I saw #5. Ten squirrels would be one heck of a show.

DJan said...

He's a cutie. How can a bear be that cute?

Anonymous said...

We have coyotes now in our burbs here in Mi, but no far!