Monday, May 23, 2011

My Summer Opener

I almost feel guilty posting about our weekend getaway after hearing about the devastation in Joplan all morning. But never the less we did have a great time. The first stop on our drive down the Mississippi Saturday was (of course) the Pelican bakery in Maiden Rock, WI.

What is that guy doing in the back of my shot? Well, I guess I shouldn't complain. The weekend wouldn't be much fun without him!

While we were there we were lucky to spy a song sparrow nest with 3 little bluish eggs. But I didn't want to disturb Mom with an attempt at a photo.

For God's sake. They didn't have bird seed bread again. But we did pick up a loaf of Swiss Sunflower. And no drive is complete without picking up a loaf of Cheddar bread at Bogus Creek in Stockholm, WI. So that was our next stop.

This photo was actually taken last year at The Stone Barn in Nelson, WI. That was our next stop. It's the best darn pizza ever. And it's just cool to eat in an old barn on a scenic farm.

P.S. The most memorable part of the drive to Nelson was that it was dotted with dozens of senior bikers sporting old fashioned suits. Yes, shirt, vest and tie suits...biking. Hats not helmets by the way.

Have you read the book Caddie Woodlawn? Well, I haven't. But (don't quote me) this was the homestead of the author Carol Ryrie Brink in Dunnsville, WI. Just another stop along the way.

Now we're at my (old) farm. We were on a mission to collect barn boards for our house. And we could have gone home with a kitten or 2. Can you believe I did not photograph 4 week old kittens? We discovered them in an old dark garage. I just didn't have the heart to blind them with a flash. And I was afraid if I took them outside one might accidentally end up in our car. You know what I mean!


Anonymous said...

The last photo is of an old corn crib that has seen far better days. Wow. What a relic from the past.

Choices said...

Such beauty. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

DJan said...

I hear you, Sharon, about not wanting to bring the kitties into the light. I would have had a hard time not taking one or two...

I love that last picture, it's really beautiful. You must have been laying in the grass to get that angle.

Serline said...

With all these colors screaming for attention, surely summer has arrived!

Don Urness said...

Our favorite is the cardamom bread which we get whenever we get there.

get zapped said...

Great photos and a lovely journey. Thanks for sharing your day with us!!

Linda Hensley said...

I could feel my blood pressure going down looking through your beautiful photos. Thanks! Nice sharks too :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Those glass balls were beautiful, but we love the old barn,
My mommy likes to photograph old barns.
No kitty in your pocket,, are you sure?