Tuesday, May 31, 2011

People on Tuesday!

I'm not even going to explain my title. It's an inside joke that only a blogging cat lover might understand. But it is Tuesday and my blog is full of people. So bare with me and I'll explain what's up...

I've had a huge stash of painted glass since my art fair days. I also sold it in gift shops until the last shop (in another state) went out of business and basically stole a box full of my art. Months later I managed to find this jerk and get back my work. But that soured me on the already tough gallery and gift shop market. So my glass sat all unloved in boxes. I decided to try and give it to charity. I even asked friends if they wanted any for themselves or their church craft sale or anything for that matter. No response. So what's an artist to do? Well, I just so happened to be having a thrift sale. Not charity. But maybe I could unload it if I sold it for a buck. What follows are glass loving thrift salers who didn't mind having their picture taken. Fun! P.S. The top 2 photos are of me holding a few favorite pieces from my saved stash. I figured that if everyone else was nice enough to pose for me I could throw my mug up as well

The no show here was on purpose!

This creative lady even staged her purchases for me.

This nice lady came back at the end of the day and bought even more!

This glass loving lady bought 24 pieces! Shown below. Plus a lamp shade. Ha!

At the end of the day I wasn't rich. But I sold 4-5 boxes full of art. There were a few special pieces that escaped being photographed. Especially since almost everyone bought several. Hmmm. I wonder if any thrift salers will visit my blog to see their famous faces!

Friday, May 27, 2011


All of the characters in this illustration should be sleeping. But only one is. Can you find him? Of course you can. Asleep is the http://www.illustrationfriday.com/ theme today. I used this illustration for my last promotional postcard. And I better get crack'in on my next one. No rest for the wicked artist. (that's me)

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Summer Opener

I almost feel guilty posting about our weekend getaway after hearing about the devastation in Joplan all morning. But never the less we did have a great time. The first stop on our drive down the Mississippi Saturday was (of course) the Pelican bakery in Maiden Rock, WI.

What is that guy doing in the back of my shot? Well, I guess I shouldn't complain. The weekend wouldn't be much fun without him!

While we were there we were lucky to spy a song sparrow nest with 3 little bluish eggs. But I didn't want to disturb Mom with an attempt at a photo.

For God's sake. They didn't have bird seed bread again. But we did pick up a loaf of Swiss Sunflower. And no drive is complete without picking up a loaf of Cheddar bread at Bogus Creek in Stockholm, WI. So that was our next stop.

This photo was actually taken last year at The Stone Barn in Nelson, WI. That was our next stop. It's the best darn pizza ever. And it's just cool to eat in an old barn on a scenic farm.

P.S. The most memorable part of the drive to Nelson was that it was dotted with dozens of senior bikers sporting old fashioned suits. Yes, shirt, vest and tie suits...biking. Hats not helmets by the way.

Have you read the book Caddie Woodlawn? Well, I haven't. But (don't quote me) this was the homestead of the author Carol Ryrie Brink in Dunnsville, WI. Just another stop along the way.

Now we're at my (old) farm. We were on a mission to collect barn boards for our house. And we could have gone home with a kitten or 2. Can you believe I did not photograph 4 week old kittens? We discovered them in an old dark garage. I just didn't have the heart to blind them with a flash. And I was afraid if I took them outside one might accidentally end up in our car. You know what I mean!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Soaked Sharks

I'm sure the sharks wouldn't have it any other way. Soaked is the theme of the day over at www.illustrationfriday.com The title of this piece is actually Hungry Sharks. It illustrates a poem written by two Florida siblings (ages 4 and 8) about the Gulf oil spill. They penned a whole book of poems called, "An Underwater Question Mark" The shark on the right is angry about the prospect of eating blackened fish. Blackened by oil that is.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I love feathers. These are turkey feathers if I remember correctly. And they are the inspiration for today's sewing and painting project.

I drew the feathers onto tracing paper. Then I used blue transfer paper to lightly apply the image to some muslin fabric.

Then I used fabric paint and voila...feathers.

Here I've sewn the pillow together with a contrasting fabric backing. It will cover another pillow like a pillow case.

I applied some fringe and it's done! My new feather pillow is just one of a million crafty projects I've been working on lately. I might be exaggerating only slightly.

Like this one. Does everyone recognize the middle feather?

Friday, May 13, 2011


I've never been on a Safari. But if and when I do I hope to spot a Girbra. Actually I hope to spot more than one. We want them to reproduce after all.

I'm sure http://www.illustrationfriday.com/ will be a virtual Zoo this week. One of my favorite illustrations called Neon Giraffe is very sad that I did not choose him for my Safari post. Oh well, can't please everyone.

I just did a spell check. Girbra was highlighted. For heaven's sake! Clearly Girbras are real and I spelled it correctly. What do they know.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Golf balls, Tennis balls and Baseballs

I was feeling sort of uninspired as to what to post on my blog this week. So I decided to share our evening on the town last night. Downtown to be exact. We started the evening at Kieran's.

We were going to wait till we got to Target Field to eat but couldn't resist some Happy hour fare. A brat loaded with pickled veggies and $1.99 fries.

My husband had to try the 2 gingers whiskey. It was only by the luck of the Irish that he got to drink it himself. (I snuck a little sip) I don't know if it was the drinks but after awhile I noticed that everyone was dressed alike. I wonder why?

Oh yeah. Everyone at Kieran's was headed to see the Twins last night. It was my first time at the new Target Field. Impressive. Our cheap seats were way at the top under the flags.

Of course I had to get a foot shot to send in to Toemail. We didn't even offend anyone with our ugly feet since there was no one seated behind us. I just realized it's nail polish season.

A few rain drops led to golf and tennis ball sized hail. At this point we were crowded into the stadium like chickens in a cage. Yuck. A mass of human kind. Eventually the Orange sky dried up. They quickly scooped up the hail and the game continued.

Did I mention that we had a high of 88 degrees yesterday? Not bad for a Tuesday. The end.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The beginning of the day in Costa Rica

Beginner. That's the http://www.illustrationfriday.com/ theme today. And in the jungles of Costa Rica, the day begins LOUD. Thanks to the lowly cicada. But I wouldn't have it any other way. The first sound you are likely to hear is the grunt of the howler monkey. Then the buzz of the cicada slowly builds to an ear popping symphony.

These illustrations were completed for 2010's, "There's an Iguana on my roof!" for Art House Co-op.

Now if you want to hear the real thing be sure to play this short video. It was filmed at dusk when the cicadas perform their 2nd act. Turn up the sound! It builds to a deafening roar!