Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Milky at Margarita de la Garita

Whenever we travel we always make new friends. But they always seem to be the feline varity. In fact, we even named our cat Akua after the original Akua Nani. A cat we met and loved at Inn Paradise on the Garden Isle of Kauai. I did a blog post on her awhile back. At Margarita de la Garita we met Milky. I know that was her name because the owner's daughter came up to her (while she was licking cheetos off my hands) kissed her on the head and said,"I love you Milky" Cute! The hotel is tropically decorated and each room has a different color scheme. We stayed in the yellow room and the green. The beautiful turquiose green was definately my favorite. And Milky wasn't shy about sneaking into every color at all times of the day. We saw her paw hook her way into another guest room while they were reading inside. We weren't snooping honest! Besides Milky there are several other cats and around 8 dogs on the property. But all the pets certainly don't scare off the tropical birds. We saw a Squirrel Cuckoo and a Beautiful Motmot while we were there. But of course Milky was still my favorite new friend. To see more cats visit http://www.gattinamycats.blogspot.com/


DJan said...

She's a beauty, and she looks very mellow as well. The only problem I have with cats is an allergy that eventually begins to go away after being around one for a few months. Until then, I sneeze and take pills. I sure love them, though.

Boo-Bah said...

She is very beautiful. I loved all the pictures.

Cindy said...

Beautiful photos, as usual!


What a lovely place for a kitty to
enjoy..... and birds to entertain kitty too! Lucky kitty! :)

AL said...

I do the same thing whenever I go out of town, I meet cats and dogs, I sometimes talk and feed them...and makes me feel good. Nice series of photos Sharon.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Sharon you take the most beautiful photos that tell a story.
Milky is such a beautiful kitty.
She looks like she has personality plus!
And those exotic birds- woweee.
Thank you for sharing all that beauty

Carla said...

What a sweet hostess!! (love these colors:)

Ginger said...

I love the last photo.

So you can't get enough of hot and humid weather???? My goodness, you need to come to South Carolina in July or August. It's a sauna!

charmine. said...

Sharon,I now understand your comment about being in favour of green tuesday....it's all sooo GREEN here.Lovely pictures!