Saturday, March 27, 2010

There's an Iguana on my roof!

Thanks to I had a little writing and art project to work on during my Costa Rica vacation. It's called the fiction project. The art house sent me a journal with an assigned theme. Mine was,"over the top" I knew imediately that my stories would be about exotic birds flying over the top of trees. And as my title states, Iguanas climbing over the top of our roof! That's our cabina in the photo. We were in Costa Rica for 15 days. And my goal was to write a short story each day about a bird or animal that inspired me. I ended up with only 7 little stories. (which I'll share with you later on) I think fun and sometimes exhaustion started to interfere with my writing schedule. But hey, it's vacation. A person shouldn't even have a schedule! The top photos show what I've completed for my journal so far. The cover and the title page. Now I get to do the fun part. Illustrate my little stories. And when I'm finished, I'll send the journal back to the art house library in New York. Bye Iguanas! P.S. Do you see my pet flamingos in the background?


Twix said...

Very cool! You know we love your photos and the stories sound interesting. Can't wait to read them. Do you ever take photos of just flowers when you get to travel to these exotic places? I don't remember seeing any....and you know how much I love flowers!

DJan said...

I tried to leave a "special quote" but as hard as I tried I could not come up with one. And here, I am enjoying your Costa Rica vacation and your iguanas and simply MUST leave a comment, just to let you know I'm here!

Martha said...

Awesome! Still jealous of your vacation. I've always wanted to go there. It looks so perfect and so beautiful!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Sharon
We know that your artwork and stories will be special.
Sometimes just finding the time to do it- is the challenge.
I think enjoying life is most important.
Is that Iguana your pet?

Carol............. said...

How cool...the iguana on the roof!!!!