Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yes, We're Raccoon People!

I'm proud to say that incredibly handsome man is my Dad. And look at my Mom. Who needs a baby when you have a really cute raccoon. Luckily she felt otherwise because I was born eventually. I had lots of black hair, but no mask. And my parents weren't the only ones that had a special interest in the little rascals. The family cat took over feeding duty. Cute! And can you spot the animal that doesn't belong? That poor kitten is probably hoping it doesn't grow up to be a masked monster like the others. So like I said eventually I was born and I grew up in a house full of raccoons just like everyone else. I'm tempted to not disclose I'm kidding! But there's me with a raccoon so you be the judge. Eventually they all grew up and wandered off without even a thankyou. You know how teenagers can be. We never asked to be raccoon caregivers. But when word gets out that you give out free gumdrops, every motherless coon in a 10 mile radius comes knocking at your door. Honest!


barb bjornson said...

Hey Sharon, love the pictures of your mom, dad and you with with all the raccoons. A real raccoon family. Your painting of the raccoon in the mailbox is adorable. Love reading your blog!!

Christina E. Rodriguez said...

Those are some great pictures, Sharon! You know I love raccoons, too, so I'm tickled by these!

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Sharon~ I never thought of raccoons as housepets! So cute! And how did you manage to find a matching kitten?! The orange tabby looks perfectly happy with her "offspring."
btw, you look just like your Mom!
This would make a great children's story! "Mom, guess what came in the mail?!"

AL said...

Ooops sorry I didn't pay attention to your blog, I can't help but stare at your Dad...girl he is good looking!

Huh? Oh the raccoons!
I forgot...they're cute.


Chuck Dilmore said...

these are stunning photographs!

thank you, Sharon!

SquirrelQueen said...

I love the photos, that had to be fun and interesting growing up around raccoons.
We have quite a few around here and my favorite sight is mom taking the kids for a walk. The babies are adorable. But I keep my cat inside at night just in case mom is in a bad mood.