Thursday, September 10, 2009

Raccoon week

We were in the middle of yet another scenic walk at Wood lake when I spotted this Raccoon paw print. And you can see in the other picture where it wandered up onto the boardwalk. We actually had a showdown on this boardwalk with a masked creature once. None of us had guns, but we all had opposable thumbs! Trapped on the boardwalk and surrounded by water the masked one ran towards us. We held our ground and he went for a swim. I ran into more raccoons at Corkscrew swamp sanctuary. Just photos, no rabies shot required. And no blog week would be complete without an art post. Humble as this one is. And maybe a little scary. You open your mailbox and there's a creepy little raccoon. Yikes! Now for the fun part. You absolutely have to scroll down for some heartwarming family photos.


Owner of Storm and Jackal said...

Thanks for stopping by Jasmine's blog. Those pictures are so cute! I know Raccoons are considered pests (by most), but I think they're just too cute! I love the art too. :)

chicamom85 said...

They are adorable little creatures. I love the art.


Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Are you an artist tooooo? Those little racccoons in the mailbox. How adorable is that! I would love to be in a mail box with those little raccoons!!!!
You are magic. Everything you do is!
And you have a MAGIC camera, that I would love to get for my mom.
But that is what dreams are for.
I was walking down some of your paths and a big rain storm came and I had to hide under that BIG mushroom. I was glad it was there. I looked for you, but I did not see you.
Another time,,,,, I reckon

AL said...

Wow I can see that paw! Just wondered if raccoons are harmful they looked scary to me.


DJan said...

I saw three raccoons once carry a small dog down into the storm drain. I can still hear that poor dog's cries. But they were HUGE, not small and cuddly at all.

You have given me another side of them to appreciate, for that I am grateful...

Nina Crittenden said...

Sharon- you are way too cute! I love all your photos, your raccoon art, and especially the family photos of you guys and your roommates! Adorable!

Kerry Maguire said...

Sharon, I LOVE raccoons, TOO!
Grew up on a hobby farm in Indiana where there were many forest critters. My Mom taught me to love ALL animals, that even the ones people think are "pests" have a right to be on this earth.
In the winter, she would mix hot water & expired dry baby formula (that my Dad would bring home from the drugstore).
Put it outside everywhere- horse & cow barns, garage, porch, etc. The feral cats, opossum, & raccoons were grateful for the warm & nutritious food!
Our families would have been good neighbors! (:^D)
Thanks for sharing the pix & that raccoon in the mailbox is PRECIOUS!

SquirrelQueen said...

I love the raccoon in the mailbox, I don't think he is creepy. Great photos of the raccoon, I rarely see one in the daytime here.