Monday, October 16, 2017

Internet Cat Video Fest 2017!

Here's my poor cat Hana binge watching cat videos. She had to watch them at home, since furry friends weren't invited to the Internet Cat Video Festival. 

I thought this would be the purr-fect post to continue Halloween month on my blog. After all, many of the cat lovers at the festival were dressed in full feline costume - or at the very least, they wore little furry cat ears. The festival isn't just for cat lovers, some people just want to do something weird. 

This is the photo I sent in this year. Can you believe they didn't post it on the big screen? Akua couldn't be any cuter. He can't resist any kind of container, bin, basket, box or bag. This year, instead of posting cat photos for a pre-video presentation, they uploaded real time instagram photos from fans. So instead of viewing cute cats, stadium dwellers were forced to look at ugly selfies from cat owners. God, I hate instagram. 

He's got a claw. (I mean point) 

I caught this guy yawning like a sleepy kitten. I call certain vocal cat yawns "Yows." 

Half yawn /half meow. 

Here's tiger-pajamas guy after a pronto pup break. Oops, I shouldn't utter the word "pup" here.  

Tiger guy number two.  

Black cat girl front and center. I know cats can stand a lot of heat, but that cat head looks hot and stuffy - not to mention heavy. 

Now it's super packed out there! Bring on the cat videos. 

Drones capturing all the cat-hem. 

O.K., they did post a few pre-game cat photos. But not Akua.

This cat is super photogenic. Still, my Akua should have been a cat-tender for the big screen. 

Unfortunately, the videos were over all too soon. The evening ended with fireworks loud enough to scare the dickens out of any alley cats nearby. 


Here's Hana watching "It" I guess she isn't as scared of creepy clowns as her Mom. This photo couldn't be more purr-fect for Halloween. 

Beware of clowns.
Happy Global Cat Day! 

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Macon, Georgia

The Johnston- Felton- Hay House, built in the Italian Renaissance Revival style, is one of Georgia's most historic houses. I have to say, it was breathtaking and lived up to its earlier designation of "Palace of the South." Construction of the 18,000 foot mansion began in 1855 and continued until 1859. Meanwhile, the family lived in the basement. They furnished it with furniture, precious art and objects from their grand honeymoon tour of Europe. I wish I had a ghost story to relay from our informative tour, but I don't. Although, if I were a Georgia ghost, I'd strongly consider living here. 

The basement pantry.

A hand painted marble effect.

The tour took us full circle, from past to present.

Across the street, there were modern day circles.

A Mockingbird.

I used the Prisma App to add spookiness and drama to my photos of the historic Rose Hill Cemetery. 

I love this photo. Rose Hill is the final resting spot of over 1,000 confederate soldiers. It was a maze of levels and curves with decaying gravestones scattered in little garden alcoves. 

We didn't have much time to spend in Macon on our way back to Atlanta, but it is definitely worth a look see. Don't forget to eat at the Rookery!

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Jerome, Arizona. A Ghost Town.

In 1903, the New York Times declared that Jerome was the "Wickedest City in the West." Jerome, a billion dollar copper mining mecca, was once a booming city in Arizona. It is said that the owner of the Verde Copper Company, William Andrews Clark, provided a heady mix of booze, opium, gambling and flesh peddlers for his delighted miners. Now, it's a touristy ghost town carved into Cleopatra Hill like a tiered wedding cake. The Jerome Grand Hotel is said to be one of the most haunted places in Arizona - with numerous spine tingling tales attached to it like a bloody tick: including the ghost of Claude Harvey, whose body was found murdered under the hotel's old elevator shaft. 

At 5,000 feet, there's a great view of the barren and sprawling Verde Valley. 

The color of the bulb hints at the crumbling structure's former business.  

A nice rental. 

Do you see the climbers scaling the building?

They are the only ghosts you are guaranteed to see in town. 

Well, there's this guy too. 

No trip to Jerome is complete without a pit stop at Desert Diamond Distillery in Cottonwood, Arizona. Real spirits!

I wish we would have glided along on one of the many ghost tours while in Jerome. Instead, we hightailed it back down to the Red Rocks of Sedona - not wanting to risk encountering "Headless Charlie" or "the Lady in Red" after dark. (female ghosts always seem to be wearing red or white) There are 88 miles of darkened, memory filled tunnels beneath the old town. It could be an underground playground for ghosts in the bowels of night. You never know. 

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P.S. These days, no tale is as scary as real life. My heart goes out to the friends and family of those killed in Las Vegas. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Critter Cam 2017!

We have three trail cameras posted in the wilds of Wisconsin - way out in the deep woods. The endless footage never disappoints. It is always fun to see who skulks by. (I keep hoping for Bigfoot) So far, no apes. But plenty of deer and friends...

"I'm ready for my close up."

Rack attack! 

Foggy Fawn.


A family affair.

Creeping Tom. 

Molting. (It's not December)


A rascal in the night. 

Squirreling around for the camera. 

Tentative Buck.

In Earnest.


Da bear. 

Large and in charge. 

Window view. 

Pass the buck. 



Dueling at dusk.



The End!

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