Monday, August 14, 2017

Universal Studios 2017

We bought a 4 day pass to Universal studios this year. Uff da. That's a lot of theme park. But then again, there's lots to see and do! Universal Studios is Disney on steroids - just like these vibrant and dynamic spandex lovers.

 I love the color. 

I was slammed in the face several times by extreme exhaustion. 

And yes, there was shouting - but mostly just screaming.  

There was a lot of mediocre food. 

A fish head sandwich is better than head cheese I guess. 

Some people acted like clowns. (and I'm not just talking about my husband)

I finally saw the dragon breathe fire! And no, I'm not talking about my heartburn. 

Treats fit for a wizard. 


Usually you just see snakes this size in the Florida Everglades. 

I love how spooky this morning photo is. Kong is a fun new 4-d ride at Universal. 

Chocolate nirvana.
 It got the thumbs up from this connoisseur. 

There were beautiful and exotic birds - but it depends on your definition. 

Lego had a leg up on this lake at Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney

This balloon is parent approved. (remember when your parent's bought you a balloon and they wanted to tie it to your wrist? - and then you whined, they caved, and you proceeded to lose it two minutes later?) Maybe that was just me. 

Tree party.

There were signs of things to come...

And everything came with a set of weird glasses!

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Monday, August 7, 2017

La Crosse, Wisconsin

We visited La Crosse, Wisconsin this summer. 

La Crosse is a city built on fur, lumber and lots of beer - we didn't enjoy any of those things. But of course, we river watched up on Grand Dad's bluff. The Mississippi and the Black river pass below here. I love my groovy bridge shot.

A fantastic sunset view. 

A warm rock with a view. 

We saw big birds...

and small ones too. 

There were castles.

But the main reason we visited the region was to finally experience the Elroy - Sparta recreational trail. The 32 mile Elroy - Sparta State Trail was the first rail to trail in the United States. No kidding! In its earlier designation - 1836 to be exact - it was the mainline of the Chicago and North Western Railway. 

Rural bucolic beauty. 

But we weren't there for beauty - we were there for caves! This one, at 3,833 feet, is as long as ten football fields. Unfortunately, it gets so dark in the bowels of the cave, and the limestone floor is so uneven, that you have to walk your bike. When we visited the entrance was flooded. Luckily we were prepared with our boat shoes. Because of all the recent rain, the ceiling dripped and cascaded water as we snaked through. It was spooky as other human forms approached with their bikes, brandishing almost entirely use-less flashlights. Besides the thrills, there's chills; the cave maintains a year round temperature of 50 degrees -  through the sultry heat of summer and the wild Wisconsin winds of winter.  Sounds fun right?

 It was. 

click to enlarge. 

Do you see the white dot in the middle? That's the other end. 

We had to pose "Ventenas" style inside the cave. Ventenas is a beach with amazing sea caves in Costa Rica. Visit Ventenas Caves to see our previous styling and profiling stance. 

Nothing beats Costa Rica...period. But the Elroy - Sparta caves were pretty darn cool too. 

A Wisconsin must see. 

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Street Scenes from Leon, Nicaragua. Part II

I absolutely love this photo of a squished casa, crumbling in the Nicaraguan city of Leon. Have you been waiting for part 2 of my photo safari? Probably not. Even so, the decadent decay has arrived... 

It wouldn't be much of a city without pigeons. 

Fabulous color.

The world's best rum.

Can anyone translate? I hope someone didn't lose their grocery list. 

Patina and texture from my favorite restaurant, El Bodegon. The mojito slushies were to die for. 

A spruce up at a colorful church. See below. 

Rainbow patterns in the sky.

There's so much color in the cities of Central America. 

Part 3 coming soon to a computer or phone near you. 

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