Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beautiful Baru

Mornings are magic at Baru.  Hacienda Baru is located just outside the surfer town of Dominical, Costa Rica.  And it is one of my all time favorite beach walks. I hear a lot of people reminisce about white sand beaches.  They are the type that usually go to Sandals, sip sweaty umbrella drinks and barely explore the outer reaches of their beach towel. They have their priorities screwed up!  I think a perfect beach has a firm walking surface, warm water and miles of unexplored sand snaking as far as the eye can see.  Sand color is completely optional.  I've even walked on green sand beaches!  

The pelicans were skimming the surface. They only care that the water is blue.

You won't see any celebrities.  But you will see stars.

Sand dollars are the only currency you'll need.  There's nothing to buy at Baru beach.

You can drift aimlessly...

Drift wood collects near the mouth of the Baru River.  It is the only beach chairs you'll find here.

There are no hotels either.  It's just you and the view.  Oh, and the sand is brown.

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