Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Late Spring Splendor

Wood Lake

Summer is here. The long lazy days under the sun are spread out like a lush wedding banquet. The air hangs heavy, raspberries are erupting with tart flesh and nests are becoming increasingly empty. So, I better publish my spring post stragglers! I love this heron shot with a goose photo bomb.

Wood Lake

A late day tale of two families.

An old stairway melts into the hillside.

Wood Lake

A muskrat reflects on a vegetarian meal.

Wood lake

A bufflehead is profiled.

Wood Lake

A doe at dusk.

Wild River State Park

A camouflage tree frog scales a log.

Stower Seven Lakes Trail

Two swans diverge.

Richfield Lake

Hang in there weird chicken.

White Tail Woods

Old Aspens

White Tail Woods

A winding walk to remember.

Wood Lake

Red wings are better than buffalo wings.

Wood Lake

It's a snap!

Wood Lake

No trouble with the curve.

Richfield Lake

Splendor in the grass. 

Have you met Mrs. Pigface?

I'm opening up my old school doodle diaries over at The Chorus of the Crows!

Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sendero Los Quetzales

A couple week's ago, I told you that I was finished with Boquete, Panama. Well, I lied! I forgot about one more unpublished scenic road trip. So scenic in fact, that it was impossible to capture on digital film. Well, at least with my point and shoot.

The color isn't quite the mossy myriad rainbow of greens I saw with my naked eye. The depth isn't as deep. The vistas aren't quite as breathtakingly vast. And the morning fog isn't quite as magical. 

Every time we got into the car in Boquete and drove up into the hills, I always said, "That was the prettiest drive yet." Each one seemed to surpass the last one. 

Is this one the prettiest?

I don't know. But this time, it really is the last. In Boquete.

There's cows up in those thar hills.


And wild berries.

Once at the top, we attempted a hike on the Sendero Los Quetzales trail. We drove from Boquete, which is at an elevation of around 3,200 feet to the 6,500 start of the trail. We didn't get very far. Because of moi. Me. The wimp. I was tired from what ever activity we did the day before. But we still dinged around long enough to enjoy a scenic picnic lunch back at the trail head. But, the drive alone was worth it.

Farm workers were picking potatoes on the hillside. I was glad that I was on vacation. And could end the puffer of a trail at any time. With no hard labor.

The trail was embedded with shards of old tile.

The paint was peeling right off this sign. Soon, it will be sign-less!

This farm or finca along the trail, had a quaint little sign nestled in-between these beautiful flowers. 

This flower had a visitor. Do you see it?

This flower grew along side a mossy fence post. Actually, everything was mossy. 

I captured a bee. Yippee!

I wish this was my driveway.

I wish I was still in Panama. There's nothing like traveling. 

And be sure to travel to The Chorus of the Crows this week.  I spin a twisted and barbed tale...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Chippewa River State Trail

It was a beautiful day to bike the Chippewa River State Trail in Wisconsin. Willowy wildflowers, unfolding ferns and bountiful dandelions hugged the cliffs along the trail. And the Chippewa river teased us as it meandered in and out of view. We've been biking on The Red Cedar Trail for years. It turns out, that the Chippewa Trail is just as scenic and inviting. Who knew? Both of these trails merge together at a soaring railroad bridge. The bridge is a favorite picnic spot for us. These days, only bikes cruise by on the paved tracks.

This time, instead of the aforementioned bridge, we picnicked here. On an out cropping over the river and the former site of a now defunct town. An old gentleman with a camera wandered by as we ate. He was a real story teller. First, he told us about the old ghost  town and eventually, he got around to actual ghost stories. Turns out, we were just a few secluded miles away from one of the most haunted place in Wisconsin. Caryville. The town has numerous ghost stories floating around. But the most intriguing one to us, was the story of mysterious happenings at the Sand Hill Cemetery. Do you know what we did after finishing up our ride? We went to the cemetery. Gulp. I'm waiting until next October for more details on what happened next... 

Google Caryville ghost stories if you dare.

But back on the beautiful trail...

We saw Ethereal puffs rising from the ground.

Barn Swallow

It turns out, we really were being watched. The birds and bees were roaming the skies with abandon. In fact, I don't think I've ever heard so much bird chatter as along this particular trail. 

This is where the wild things are.

Blue birds were busy delivering creepy crawly worms.

Creeks zig zagged along the trail.

And powerful forces loomed above. 

And since we're on the subject of being high...

Got nip? Hana does. Over at The Chorus of the Crows

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Beautiful Boquete Birds!


I've never posted so many beautiful birds in one sitting. Actually, that's all we needed to do to enjoy them. Sit and eat breakfast. The feeders at the Boquete Garden Inn did the rest of the work. I thought this bird extravaganza would be a great way to end my Boquete, Panama posts. But, I'm not finished with Panama. Just Boquete and its feathered friends. My next stop will be the beach town of Corona.

















I picked one word that spoke of the bird and the photograph. It was so much fun watching them feeding. Except for the fact that they ate all my papaya! And the fruit and flowers were such a beautiful back drop. Heaven. That's my word.

Good bye Boquete. 

Be sure to share this avian extravaganza with your birding friends! And lastly, be sure to head over to The Chorus of the Crows to dig up the 5 dastardly and deadly sins of blogging... 

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