Saturday, December 19, 2015

I'm Soaring!

Red Wings Over Red Wing, Minnesota

The word Soar has such energy and power. I have many pieces of art that depict flying or floating animals and people. I even have an illustration of angels floating over a manger. Now, that would be timely. But floating does not have the energy of soaring. If you ask what super power a random person might pick to possess, it would probably be flying. I know I would. The first place I'd go would be the jagged green Na Pali coast of Kauai. What would you pick?

My favorite part of this illustration is the Lake or River Monster. Did you know that Lake Pepin has a mysterious resident?  Well, it does. Although, I've yet to see it rear its head or flap its tail above the Mississippi. Maybe that's why I love to explore this area so much. You never know...

Soar is the theme for this week. 

Happy Holidays artists and illustrators!

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DJan said...

You're right: SOAR is a very powerful word. And that picture, all of it, makes me smile! :-)