Friday, April 18, 2014

Christ of the Mercy

I have the perfect post to send off into the world this Good Friday.  We visited the 2nd largest statue of Christ in the world in San Juan Del Sur this Winter. Christ of the Mercy was completed in April 2009.  Set to debut for Easter.

The statue overlooks this beautiful crescent bay.

And it serves as a beautiful overlook for us mere mortals as well.

Plus some critters.

Swing around and the bays reache out for miles.  We happily visited many of those inlets and beaches on our trip.  I picked the above 5 photos for Random 5 Friday  (I decided to post this even though the link up Random 5 Friday has come to an end) 

Now here are 5 random Easter memories...

1)  My Dad reduced me to tears one year in search of my Easter basket.  He hung it on the curtain rod behind the curtains.  After that I requested that they place it behind one of the chairs in the living room.  And that is what they did until the Easter bunny didn't visit me anymore. Sniff.

2)  I remember one lucky year getting a bonus solid chocolate bunny from my Grandma hidden in the dirty clothes hamper.  I was thrilled.  

3)  One year my cousin Donny brought out a home made go cart to entertain us.  I was too afraid to drive it. 

4)  My Aunt Pat made the best darn Ham dinner around.

5)  Our back yard Easter bunny foiled us again this Winter.  He just might be the smartest and most tenacious bunny in the world.  Every time my husband chased him out, he dug his way back inside.  Even chewing through our wood fence.  I guess you could say he devoured it faster than I chewed off the ears of my laundry basket bunny.  Now we don't have many raspberries.  And our hydrangeas didn't fair any better.

 And our energizer bunny lives on.  She'll be hatching more rocket scientists soon.  We might have to hatch a new plan.

Happy Easter!


Tina Fariss Barbour said...

That is a beautiful statue and breathtaking views. I imagine it would be a very peaceful place. Enjoyed your Easter memories. I still love Easter candy. :-)

Buttons said...

Oh that is a beautiful statue I am sure it was a very lovely moment standing near it.
Love your memories:) Hug B

Hilary said...

Clearly you're an animal lover so I'm not going to worry about what that plan might be.

Lovely pics and fun recounts of your Easter memories. I hope you and yours have a lovely holiday.

Tweedles -- that's me said...


Lynn said...

These statues are so incredible and the places they are erected is mind blowing. Your photos are gorgeous. Enjoyed your Random Easter 5 :-)