Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Dean's toes.  My toes.

If you haven't checked out Toemail it is a fun place to dip your virtual toes. I recently received the one lovely blog award from the awesome Toemail blog.  Now I'm passing on the love.  But first here are 7 facts about me.

1) I recently had a Snow White moment.  A little mouse came running up to me.  I was enchanted until I realized he was blind.  Basically Owl food.  He also only had 1/2 a tail.  Ever since I've had the tune 3 blind mice running through my head. True story.

2) I fired a huge shot gun over the weekend for the first time. I was scared s&%$less.  But managed to hit an empty 24 pack of beer.  And no we weren't drinking.  Shame on you for thinking that.  

3) I sometimes act like I don't see the cat puke on the floor.  Just hoping my husband will clean it up first.  Busted!

4) Any minute now I will have 2 published books out there!  

5) My favorite place is Dominical, Costa Rica.

6) I wish I could go back in time and run my fingers through Robert Plant's hair.

7) One of my favorite quotes is from Game of Thrones, "A Dothraki Wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair"

Now along with Toemail (link above)  I'm passing the award on to 7 other bloggers.  I'm sorry to say this is a very incomplete list. I love all my blogging friends.  But I'd like to keep it at a lucky 7. It's just easier and luckier that way.

Are you feeling lovely...punk?


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Congratulations on your toe nail award! Its so kind of you to pass it on to others!
Thank you1

Linda Hensley said...

Oh thanks! I was just enjoying laughing at what you wrote and didn't realize there was a prize at the end. Woo hoo! You made my day :)

Hilary said...

Oh you're a hoot. I can remember ignoring the cat puke on occasion, too. Congrats on your award. So lovely to see DJan's name here. Does she know?

SquirrelQueen said...

I'm like Linda, I kind of missed the fact there was an award. I was laughing about the cat puke too, I have been known to ignore it as well. And the first time I fired a shotgun it almost knocked me on my derriere.
Congrats on the award!