Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Squash Ravioli and Cream Sauce

This is one of my most favorite dishes. The first time I had something similar was at Wolfgang Puck in Orlando. And I've perfected my own ravioli with a little help from my favorite Italian deli Broders.

First you will need to roast a squash. I used an acorn and another mystery variety. I just simply cut and baked the halves (seeded) for around 45 minutes to an hour at 375. Use tin foil for easy clean up. As you can see I put some mashed squash in a mixing bowl and some for the freezer. I can make more ravioli, soup or squash risotto later.

I kept aside enough squash to make around 16 raviolis. Just use your judgement. Then add 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, and 2 tbsp Parmigiano Reggiano. (from the Italian deli)

And you will also need wonton wrappers from the grocery store or Asian market. They are usually in the freezer or produce area. Just ask. With a pastry brush gently wet the pasta edges and place a spoonful of squash mixture in the middle. Then paste the two pieces of wonton together, sealing with your fingers. I grease a baking sheet to line up my wontons. I only made 8. And then had it again another night.

In the background I'm warming up my premade cream sauce from the Italian deli. You'll also need to get prosciutto de parma at the deli. And I always heat it up like bacon till it is a little crisp. But it is expensive so be careful! You can also toast some pecans. Be careful with these as well. I ALWAYS get busy and burn mine. When You boil your pasta use a big pot. They like to stick together. Be gentle with them. And use a big straining ladle to retrieve them when they are done.

Viola. Squash Ravioli with cream sauce, crisped prosciutto, toasted pecans, freshly ground pepper and a little extra parmigiano reggiano. This dish is superb. And it is all about the quality ingredients. 

I've been labeling all my recipes under savory, sweet and drinks. (only 1 drink so far) So you'll always be able to come back and easily find something that peeked your interest.  And don't forget to share.  The recipes.  Not the food!


DJan said...

And why NOT share the food? That's what you've done here. It sure looks good to me, everything but the pig, that is... :-)

Teresa Evangeline said...

That looks absolutely delish! I know now where I'm going to be going for some vicarious eating.

Wanda..... said...

The finished dish looks delicious!

Anne said...

This looks so delicious and easy. A new recipe for me to try.

AHAviews said...

Squash on my counter I was wondering what to do with - now I know. So happens I have wonton wrappers in the snack bin. Turning on the oven in three... two... one...

Pat Tillett said...

I'll give it a try! It looks good. thanks!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

This is very interesting,, the thought never occured to us to make squash ravioli, but it sounds sooo good