Sunday, June 26, 2011


I'm celebrating. I finally reached 10,000 blog hits since putting up my stat counter. Maybe not a big number for some. But pretty good for a blog that has anything to do with art. If I had a blog completely devoted to kitten photos of course I'd have a million hits. Tikal fits the bill for celebration posts. It is so grand. Here is one of our first glimpses of the ruins.

Tikal is the largest excavated pre-Hispanic site in the Americas. The National Park covers 222 square miles of jungle within Guatemala's largest protected area. Its 3,000+ structures housed up to 130,000 souls in its heyday. This photo shows the 144 foot Temple of the Giant Jaguar.

This Temple stands directly across from Giant Jaguar. It pays homage to lady 12 Macaw.

Monkeying around.

Hmmm. Whose paws are these? We're on top of the 190 foot Temple V.

I think this is the plaza of the Seven Temples.

A Mot Mot.

We ran up these stairs like they were nothing. Fingers crossed. If you enjoyed this post pass on the link to friends. Or book a trip with your travel agent! And if you need more to wet your appetite check out my illustrated map of Hopkins, Belize. It's just a hop, skip and a Guatemalan border crossing from Tikal. Here's the link


Pat Tillett said...

Wow! What an amazing place! I need to get there someday. contrats on the hits! Those stairs look like quite a workout!

Tes said...

Oh wow, such a wonderful place! It did wet our appetite -my husband is here beside me (teehee) You have good photos -that bird is exotic! The hiking paws are cute! Thank you for taking us on a tour, Sharon.

Anonymous said...

I know I could not run up those stairs. Not sure I ever could. I liked the butterfly photo a lot. I wonder what happened to all those people who once called this place home?

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Congratulations on all the hits! That is outstanding!
Did you really run up all those steps?

Au and Target said...

Lovely pics. And concats on the big count.

Don Urness said...

Did you ride any Chicken Buses? Although some are beautiful, it is like putting your life in the hands of god.

DJan said...

I went there long ago, maybe thirty years ago, and it was not as well excavated then, but I sure remember the feeling of the place, which you captured perfectly. Love the shoe picture. You always do that very well.

Wanda..... said...

Your photos are oustanding of this amazing place, Sharon. My daughter once did a report on the Mayan Civilization and Ruins, just like now, it intriqued me way back then!

The Chair Speaks said...

Congratulations! These are fabulous pictures!

The Retired One said...

What a fantastic place! I want to go there!!!