Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cicada Symphony

I was inspired by an inquiry from my friend Alicia to do today's post. She wondered if I had ever gone to a concert while in Costa Rica. The answer is no. But there is ALOT to listen to for free. Sometimes the sounds are soothing and peaceful. Like a chorus of exotic birds chatting and singing. Sometimes the sounds are loud and exciting. Like the barking of a howler monkey. Or the ocean squeezing into the Ventenas caves South of Dominical. And sometimes the sounds are down right annoying. Those are the sounds that inspired my 5th installment of last Winter's fiction project. The culprit...the cicada. We never actually saw one. But their presence could probably be heard from space. Or at least that is the way it seemed. I had so much fun writing and illustrating my fiction project. And as I've said before the journal can now be found at the Brooklyn Art Library.

I've included 3 short videos. Turn up the volume and listen to the jungle. The chestnut toucan starts out blurry, but comes into focus later. The ROAR of the cicada can definitely be heard on the last 2. And it's free!


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hello, Sharon!!!! I'm absolutely delighted to meet you!!! Your work is incredible!!! I love it!!! I'm a new fan!!! I am thrilled that you extended your hand of friendship to me today, and will love following you as well!! I'm about to take a break from posting as I am inundated with work for some art shows and, of course, understand...but I will visit you when I can!!! I love your work!!! ~Janine XO

DJan said...

Yowza! You have captured something here. And I see that Janine and you have connected. You are both special people to me, so glad you've connected!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Sharon
I want to hear the rest of the story.
Tell me more
Tell me more.
I love your art work of the Cicada.
The paintings are awsome,, and its drawing me in. I know the sounds must be soothing,,, and I wish I could hear them , but for some reason, I cannot. I think it is because I have stupid ol dial up.
I love all the photos too,, but especailly your art work.

Au and Target said...

I like cicadas - but not in the house!

Anonymous said...

Like your post. Was interested in that you never saw a Cicada. Here is my link to my cicada collection on my Flickr account. Notice how much some of them look like Aliens.

DUTA said...

The sounds in Nature (birds, trees, waters, animals ) are the best symphony. And as you said - it's for free.
You've done a good job with the three videos.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Your post was truly beautiful and evocative. Thanks for all the work it took.

And thanks for the very kind words on my story in Erin Cole's 13 DAYS OF HORROR.

Serline said...

Reminds me of our time in Phuket. The "silence" was so loud at times, it was like a full-blown orchestra, featuring a very large cicada section ;-P Now in Bangkok, what we get most frequently in the middle of the night are the sounds of motorbike daredevils and misfiring taxis... have a blessed weekend!

Hilary said...

I like how you've linked your art to the videos. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm glad to meet you.

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, it really IS like a symphony! Thank you for such a beautiful post. :)

Martha (MM) said...

Definitely like a symphony! The chorus of exotic birds chatting and singing is a beautiful concert!