Monday, August 2, 2010

Trail Cam Top Ten!

Our new trail camera has been snapping away while we were sleeping. It has taken almost 2,000 photos since we placed it in the woods this Spring. It is hard to pick the best photos of 2,000 deer and more deer. But here goes...I love the top photo because of Mr. Deer's perfect pose and rather large rack. There were several photos of him staring at the camera and probably wondering, "When did that thing get here?"


I love this one because of the bear ears peaking out at the bottom of the photo. BEARS!


Somebody smeared dirt all over the trail camera. And if the woods could talk it would probably say, "The bears did it"

This one is so cute. It caught the fawn jumping in mid air. There were dozens of photos of them running and having fun.

This is such a nice close-up of this doe. But unfortunately she has several ticks under her eye.

Play time.

All the ladies like these big guys.

This photo is fun because you can see the white tails up as they run away.

And I like this one simply because she has a leg up on the other deer. Ha! The photos continue as we speak...


Au and Target said...

I love the jumping deer.

AL said...

I think the deer on the first photo is aware of the spy cam. I love the way the jump they're so graceful even on pictures!

DJan said...

This camera is wonderful! Deer and bears, and all of them seeming to be having fun. Other than the ticks under the deer's eye, they are all very healthy and happy looking. Thanks for sharing this!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Awsome photos!
So cool to capture the bear. I love the deer tooo, and they are so graceful,,, but to capture a bear,,, wow

The Chair Speaks said...

Love the ears peeking out at the bottom of the photo and the frolicking deers. :)

The Retired One said...

I loved these! Especially the ones of the fawns.

Nina Crittenden said...

I just love the hopping fawn! SO cool, Sharon!!!