Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sand Creek Brewing Company

We finally toured the Sand Creek Brewery in Black River Falls, WI. We'd been meaning to take a tour here since we tasted our first Oscar's. And because the brewery is so close to my hometown. Sand creek has been brewing beer since the 1990's. But brewing actually started in this old building around 153 years ago. Ulrich Oderbolz (pictured) and his family opened the brewery in 1856. We learned that after Ulrich and all but one male heir died tragically, the women took over running the brewery. And they were very successful. But for unknown reasons they decided to sell the brewery in the early 1900's.

When prohibition shut down the renamed Badgerland brewery in 1920, the building was used to bottle Coca-Cola, build land mines and raise turkeys.

New labels mingle with a collection of old bottles in the back.

Mash...blah....ferment...blah, blah. The tour was very interesting. But some brewing facts went in one ear and out the other. One thing that did not go unnoticed was that the tour guide was drinking a beer as he gave this very thorough tour. That's cool!

I think we got a little excited to finally sample some beer. I forgot to take a pre-drink photo op. Needless to say we didn't go home empty handed. We bought a case filled with their special reserve Doppelbock, Hard Lemonade and Wild Ride.

So what does this goofy Alpaca I illustrated years ago have to do with the brewery? I posted it in honor of Sand Creek's October fest Saturday, October 2. Along with beer there will be Alpacas of course! For more Lamas and Alpacas visit Lamas on Tuesday at....just kidding.


DJan said...

Not only do I love beer, but alpacas as well. So as you can probably figure, I loved this post, Sharon! He's cute, not goofy!

The Chair Speaks said...

Your illustration of alpacas is very interesting.

Au and Target said...

Don't like beer but that Alpaca is GREAT.

The Retired One said...

Loved that old safe..we have one about that old...we paid a fortune to move it from our Victorian house's basement to our log home..but the lock still works and it is fireproof and we keep our important papers in it!

Windie said...

I enjoyed you taking on your journey with you.Thanks.And your art is mind boggling. Too cool for words.I'm sorry I've been gone for a while.Computer problems. http://smile-windie.blogspot.com/