Monday, February 8, 2010

Introducing...Belly LaGossa!

What can I say about the dog Belly LaGossa? Would you be surprised to learn he was eliminated as a puppy bowl contender because of odd behavior? O.K. I just made that one up. But I do have some fun facts. Belly LaGossa was illustrated for the writer Beth Solheim. He is an odd dog of questionable heritage who sees ghosts! And he helps to solve mysteries in Beth's new book, At Witt's End. To find out more about the Sadie Witt mysteries visit At Witt's End is being released this month by Echelon Press. Belly LaGossa can be found in the Dog treats section of Beth's website. And illustrating him was a real treat for me. Thanks Beth!


Carol............. said...

Ahhhh Belly LaGossa! What fun......Great illustrations.

DJan said...

You are so funny with your illustrations AND names! Lovely little Belly, it's so Count Dracula of you!!!

Cocorue said...

awwwwwww Belly is so cuuuute and has so much character......looooove your work


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Belly La Gossa is just plain adorable!
I would love to meet him!
nice job!

And I love the orgional painting you sent to me.
That you so much. I am honored to have won!

The Chair Speaks said...

I can see Belly's perkiness even in your drawing. Lovely.

Beth Solheim said...

Belly came to life when Sharon created him for me. He's quite the character, in and out of one predicament after another in At Witt's End.

I was super impressed at how Sharon listened to Belly's characteristics and then created an exact likeness. Job well done, Sharon. Thank you.

Margaret Pangert said...

Wow, that is way cool! "Illustrated by Sharon Wagner!" Congratulations! And I love the dog. A lot of emotion on his face.
Love me

Windie said...

Sounds good. I'll check it out. I love the eyes on your dog. There so sweet.