Friday, February 19, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...Hummingbird Video

This little Hummingbird is pretty famous. He stars in one of my favorite photos from last year's Costa Rica trip. And he even has two humble videos filmed in his honor. They're not going to win any Oscar's. But they are pretty cute. Mr. Hummer pretty much just sits on the wire and chirps. So I wouldn't exactly describe this as an action movie. It's more like a discovery channel reject. See for yourself. P.S. Turn up your volumes!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If I wasn't sitting on this book I would read it.

I received Twix's giveaway book in the mail. It's a beautiful hardcover book called,"Cat Lover's Daily companion" And look who gave it a good sitting on, my cat Akua. I love the close up picture of his feet. It shows my cat Hana snooping around in the background. She obviously doesn't have time to read. But Akua loves the book for many simple reasons. It provides a firm place to sit and watch the living room activities. It also provides a perch for glass spelunking. Akua is determined to explore all glassware for unknown water species. My art pick of the day depicts another cat too lazy to read. He's just lounging around on his royally appointed sofa. Thanks for the book Twix! And don't forget to check out more Tuesday Cats at

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dean, Tiki and Mishka in Costa Rica

I entered 2010 with a blogging anniversary. And I debated about my blog theme of posting art and photography that relate to each other in a fun way. Sometimes it's hard to find photos that relate to my art. I have very few photos of dogs. But this week's post did give me a good excuse to talk about one of my favorite places on earth. Hotel el Silencio del Campo in Costa Rica. The first photo was taken while we were driving there. I'll never forget the first sight of this classic cone shaped Volcano. On a clear night you can see lava pouring down the side. It's a very exciting place. But you won't be alone. The tour buses flock there on a nightly basis. The rest of the photos were taken on the other side of the Volcano. At my favorite hotel. The first year little Tiki was the only dog in residence. He loved to eat breakfast with us. But the next year he was joined by Mishka. I never did get a very good picture of him. So there you have it. A week of dogs. Tiki, Mishka and Belly LaGossa. Oh, and one husband!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Introducing...Belly LaGossa!

What can I say about the dog Belly LaGossa? Would you be surprised to learn he was eliminated as a puppy bowl contender because of odd behavior? O.K. I just made that one up. But I do have some fun facts. Belly LaGossa was illustrated for the writer Beth Solheim. He is an odd dog of questionable heritage who sees ghosts! And he helps to solve mysteries in Beth's new book, At Witt's End. To find out more about the Sadie Witt mysteries visit At Witt's End is being released this month by Echelon Press. Belly LaGossa can be found in the Dog treats section of Beth's website. And illustrating him was a real treat for me. Thanks Beth!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paw-lease tell us who the winners are!

My giveaway was lots of fun. And thanks to Twix I received some last minute comments. And hopefully made some new blogging friends. My cat Hana did the selections. She loves to start creating paper chaos when she gets hungry. Her specialty... shredding and biting anything that she can get her claws on. So when I put a bowl of paper scraps with your names on them in front of her. She pulled out two names immediately. It was lunch time after all. The joke was on her though, since that's what I wanted her to do. The winners are Christina and Tweedles I even decided to do a bonus drawing for photocards. And SGR was the winner. I'm also going to send some photocards to Twix for helping out. There's a doggie contest going on. So you should visit Twix's blog and vote! And don't forget about