Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bats in Costa Rica

We spotted these bats inside a rotted tree at Cabo Blanco nature preserve. This was a hike we took on our last full day in Montezuma. And it was completely grueling. But upon consulting my diary, this is what we saw...bats, coati, deer, little guys (geckos) howler monkeys, many species of butterflies (like the big blue one) some kind of green spinner dragonfly, a black headed trogan, long tailed manakin, bare throated tiger hevar (whatever that is) a toucan and some unidentified ground birds. Whew! It was fun to see and hear all these jungle creatures. But what wasn't so fun was the actual hike. In fact we didn't even make it to the end. Which was (supposeably) a beautiful beach. But we did make it to dinner and some well deserved tropical drinks!

P.S. You could all do me a big favor by going to by October 30. Then click on the Holiday card contest/ Humor category, then view and vote/humor category, finally vote for sharonrwagner. That's my, "Have a Meow Meow Christmas" Thanks blogging friends!


Valerie said...

You are very brave!!

Martha (Menagerie) said...

What cool shots! How perfect for Halloween weekend!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

You have such an exciting life living with nature and all its beautys!
We sometimes have bats in our house!

Margaret Pangert said...

Wow, what an adventure! and perfect timing to post the bats! They'll be here for Halloween! I actually liked the little guy in the middle with his back feet stretched out and fingers splayed!
Sharon, I went into the Humor Contest part of the link to vote. There were four pages with the names in turquoise beneath each one. I couldn't find yours? Can you come back with page number or some other cue? Thanks, because I really want to vote for you! I'll vote as soon as you come back. Hugs xxox

Sharon Wagner said...

Margaret, I sent you an email but just in case you check here the page link is Then view and vote and I'm on the 2nd page. Thanks!