Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bathroom Art

Because of the photo challenge I'm doing my art post second this week. And as some of my loyal followers may already know, I always relate my photos and my art in some way. Ziplinning and shadows are a tough one. But for some reason I thought of the wooden turtle that I bought in the gift shop at Sky tram. I haven't painted that many turtles. But I did paint a turtle, alligator and a frog...for my bathroom no less. They're painted on the knobs below the sink. And they always make me smile when I use them. Actually my bathroom is a little bit like being in Costa Rica because I painted Bamboo on the wall. If it wasn't for that darn toliet!


DJan said...

Must be nice having an artist in the house to make things more fun. I would love to smile when using a handle. In fact, I realize that I LOVE to smile at any time, so thanks for making me smile at these cute images. How about a picture of your bamboo?

AL said...

Oh wow, Sharon! You painted that? And I can imagine the bamboo painted wall of your bathroom, I like bamboos in fact we have a bamboo fence in the garden and it's a kinda different when you have those kind of know the zen effect!


Nina Crittenden said...

You are so clever! I am a huge fan!