Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two fists full of feathers

One of my favorite places to walk is at Wood lake here in Minneapolis. You would never know that 35w hugs the West side of this marshland trail. It's definately a world away and full of nature's usual suspects. I've seen fox in the afternoon. And families of raccoons in the evening. You never know when a deer might run across the trail. And at all times of the day there are herons, ducks and lots of geese. So would it surprise you to know that I have a certain drawer at home devoted to my collection of feathers. On two different evenings at Wood lake recently I collected a fist full of feathers. One of the fists pictured is mine and the other my husbands. I think feathers are objects of beauty. My cats think they are almost as good as the real thing!


Chuck Dilmore said...

wow - a great find!
feathers are magical, gifts!
beautiful~ Chuck

chicamom85 said...

I like feathers also, they are beautiful.


AL said...

Of course I also collected feathers when I was a kid. I bought a peacock feather which was so expensive just to make an earring out of it LOL. It is so cool. .. .I will show it to you in my future blog. Feathers are really fun. Take care!


SquirrelQueen said...

That's the kind of walks I like, lots of wildlife and even feathers. A very beautiful find.


Margaret Pangert said...

It sounds like a waterfowl preserve, hence so many feathers and the heron. I love waterfowl! Do they have outlooks where you can observe a pond and its inhabitants? I still love what you did with the last feather: paint it blue-on-white--so pretty and whimsical!

charmine said...

Sharon how lovely that you stay so close to nature!I'm sure you'll find something creative to do with those feathers.Enjoy your day.