Sunday, June 28, 2009

Something to talk about

Let's talk birds. The fiesty hummingbird photo was taken at El Silencio del Campo in Costa Rica this year. We took a movie on our camera of the little guy. He talked and groomed his feathers for us. Maybe not Oscar worthy, but darn cute. And the Hawk photo was taken at one of my Florida Fav's, Corksrew Swamp Sanctuary. I didn't even need binoculars (or eyes like a hawk) for a great view of this guy. These birds are much more interesting than my silly bird egg!


SquirrelQueen said...

I love the feather and I think the bird egg is cute, it would look great in a sun room.

That hummer is adorable, great photo. I would love to see the movie, it has to be fun.

We have lots of hawks but I just can't seem to get one to pose like that, very cool shot.

Have a great week,

AL said...

Hello I am Al, the photo of the bird on the barbed wire is awesome. . .I've been trying hard to take a picture of birds but unfortunately nothing happened. Have a nice day!


Shawn McCann said...

Great photos Sharon!

Margaret Pangert said...

Both of these shots are awesome! Just incredible macros (close-ups). I thought the hawk was an owl at first, but an owl wouldn't be out and about during the day.

charmine said...

Hi sharon,it's good to be blogging again,i love the little hummingbird. Do we get to see the movie?I have some wild birds that drop by my home too.

The hawk is watching you.great pic.

Margaret Pangert said...

I love your new header! The poppies just POP out at you. The orange band makes it pop even moreso. Love it, love it, love it.

Lille Diane said...

Very nice!!! Superman and I have been getting into birding. He's sorry now that he used to laugh at his little bro for bird watching....amazing the shots you can get on a video, huh? that's all I will take out on my kayak.

And, the simplicity of your paintings makes them charming. Feathers and all. ;-)