Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not my pet Toucan

I decided to paint myself a pet parrot for my self portrait, Princess and the Me. A Toucan perhaps? Then I realized I would never own a bird that could fit my whole head in it's oversized beak. So I painted a Scarlet Macaw. Another large and intimidating bird. But what the heck. A Princess would require a magestic bird. In reality I would never keep a caged bird. But I figured in my alternate life my Macaw could fly free and I would have "the others" on poop duty. But lets get back to reality for a moment. The Toucan photo was taken in Costa Rica at El Silencio del Campo. At breakfast the small birds would happily feed on Papaya chunks. And we were thrilled when this Toucan flew up for a bite. The other picture was also quite a thrill. It was taken at Pasada Andrea Cristina in Puerto Viejo. The owner had explained to us that the loud Squawking we heard early in the morning was Scarlet Macaws. So the next morning we were prepared to run out with our cameras. They were high up in a tree. That was to be our only sighting. And in fact the owner ran out with his daughter as well. Seeing a Scarlet Macaw isn't just for tourists!


Nina Crittenden said...

Now I am hungry for Froot Loops!

Lille Diane said...

Hi Sharon... I didn't know if you saw the other comment I left you letting you know I have given you and your blog an award. Come over to my blog to get it. It's called the "One Lovely Blog Award". ;-) Check back a few days on my posts to find it... it has the squirrel mentioned in the title. I'm havin' a lil brain fade this morning which date exactly... need more java... lol

I love your work!!!

Martha said...

So pretty! I too am craving fruit loops now ;-)

SquirrelQueen said...

I love your blog, you work is great. I really love Heaven's Gate, it reminds me of my "fist baby", a calico named Salem.

I will be following. Have a great rest of the weekend.