Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lichen Fence

I was inspired by Laurie's blog, Creating Pictures in my Mind. To post my own colorful Lichen photos at Corksrew Swamp. She took some very interesting pictures of lichen in a cemetary. I'm no lichen expert and really don't know what these fascinating patterns of mold are. Lichen, mold, fungus or maybe the artwork of a famous fence painter. I didn't do it, honest! Below I've posted more photos. So that you can get a feel for exactly where this artwork is growing. On a beautifully weathered fence that meanders through a maze of Cypress trees and Mangrove swamps.


Laurie said...

Hi Sharon,
These are great. What wonderful colours!

Margaret Pangert said...

I saw Laurie's, too--on a stone angel's face and decollete, in yellow. The fence is pretty: like mosaic tile with the patterns traced in orange.

Nina Crittenden said...

I am likin' this lichen!

Amy Cerny Vasterling said...

Nina stole mine and I might add, she stole it one week prior to me. emmm.

I also am "lichen" it!