Thursday, March 19, 2009

Orosi Lodge in Costa Rica

This is a view of the town of Orosi from our deck at the Orosi lodge. You also get a peak of the Irazu volcano in the distance. What you don't see is the beautiful lake that will turn up in pictures later on. Sometimes it's the simpliest things on vacations that hold such fond memories. And my favorite time was breakfast. The Orosi lodge had great coffee grown at nearby Cafe Christina. But my favorite thing about breakfast here was watching a mother humingbird on her nest. She had bravely attached her nest to the electrical wire leading into our coffee shop. Another fun memory was from the local pizza place. We didn't see any wine or beer on the menu. But we ordered a couple Imperials anyway. What the heck, right? Meanwhile we notice our waitress leave the restaurant. And when she returns she has Four Imperials from the grocery store. I guess she wanted to be prepared in case we wanted two more. That just makes me smile!

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when I ordered orange juice at a restaurant in the small town where my Grandma used to live. The owner of the restaurant walked down to the corner market to pick some up... so cute!