Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blue Jeans frog in Costa Rica

Although I'm unsure if that is the official name of this colorful little frog. That is what our guide at the Tirimbina nature preserve called him on our night hike. He also picked him up even though the little guy is toxic. And said that in his younger days he and his friends would touch them with their tongues! We got completely drenched in a downpour during this spooky hike. We crossed a long hanging bridge over the Sarapiqui river and couldn't see a thing. But when we got to the other side we discovered that the scariest things were lurking on leaves and hanging on webs. Like this not so little fuzzy friend. I say friend because he stayed glued to this leaf and not attached to my face. O.K.... maybe I've seen too many movies!


Nina Crittenden said...

I love the blue jeans frog- so cutie!
The spider- not so much!

Christina E. Rodriguez said...

Love the little tree frog! So tiny and adorable. I know they're venomous but they're also so sweet!