Monday, February 9, 2009


This is Hummingbird week. The theme will reveal itself. Although any painted hummingbirds that may or may not turn up later this week will in no way compare to the real thing. This guy looks like a monster bird. He or she is lucky to fly around the cloud forrest of Costa Rica. They zoom around in all their glory while the tourists snap their cameras as fast as they can. In fact that's my Photo tip of the week. When you're taking pictures of birds or animals. Take as many shots as you can, and get as close as you can. But it's really the quanity of shots you take that will ensure that you get a good one. This particular monster would take a split second break before feeding. Some of the smaller breeds just hovered near the feeder, never slowing their wings long enough for a good shot. For bird lovers this definately is a magical place. And the birds probably love it as well. If it wasn't for all the tourists, that tasty red sugar water probably wouldn't make an appearence every day!


Margaret Pangert said...

this is an exquisitely-colored pic. love your blog! and that hermosa beach sunset! i feature my cat, too: feel free to visit me at
thanx for the delicious viewing,

Nina Crittenden said...

What a treat to see a hummingbird at rest!